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How to play 4-player co-op in Marvel’s Avengers

Wondering how to play 4-player co-op in Marvel’s Avengers? One of the Avengers game‘s main selling points is being able to team up with your friends as several of Marvel Comics‘ greatest superheroes. In order to do so, however, you’ll first need to know how to activate the Marvel’s Avengers co-op mode. Stick around to learn exactly how to unlock Marvel’s Avengers cooperative play.

How do you play 4-player co-op in Marvel’s Avengers?

how to play 4-player co-op in Marvel's Avengers

In order to play 4-player co-op in Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll first need to progress far enough into the main campaign. Once you reach the first mission that stars four different superheroes, you’ll be able to matchmake and invite friends. Outside of the main campaign, you can also play the Avengers Initiative mode with up to three additional online players; you may encounter spoilers if you opt to do this before finishing the story, however.

After the opening A-Day mission, which has featured prominently in the game’s marketing and betas, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes go their separate ways. Although it’s part of the narrative, this is mostly a means for the game to introduce the nuances of each hero gradually while players are free from the hectic distractions of 4-player co-op. After you’ve learned the ropes and the story really gets going, that’s when you can start enjoying co-op with up to three other players.

Marvel’s Avengers 4-Player Co-Op | How to unlock matchmaking and friend invites

  1. Progress through the Marvel’s Avengers campaign.
  2. When you reach the first mission starring four different characters, you can invite up to three friends and/or matchmake.
  3. Alternatively, you can play the Avengers Initiative mode at any time. Be warned: You may encounter story spoilers if you do so before finishing the main story

Now that you know how to play 4-player co-op in Marvel’s Avengers, you can start enjoying Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics‘ action game to the fullest extent.