Box art - Godus

Godus iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

The time lapse cheat works on Godus. Simply set the time ahead on your phone or tablet while you’re waiting for your belief to become ready to harvest. Harvest it, then go back and do it all over again.

You earn new cards whenever you build enough new abodes to fill the follower bar, and you earn stickers, which are used for activation of the cards, from finding chests and going on voyages. Find the chests by searching around the map area. Eventually, you’ll run out of chests to find, but as time goes by, more will appear. Some of them will appear instantly when you do the time lapse cheat.

An easy way to find chests around is to look for where coins or confetti appear to be floating around in midair.

Your followers need to make it to the temple but don't let them do it their own. You will have to manipulate them into following your designated path so make the steps up and down as straightforward for them as possible.

Same goes when you have your followers completing a tasks. If they stop moving, they might be blocked (requiring you to build a pathway) or the might be completely out of energy. If the latter is the case, tap them and then tap boost to recover them.

You can speed up building construction greatly by putting more than one builder on the job.

If there are few enough minutes left with construction speeding up will cost literally nothing, so use the free speed up if you want to free up builders quickly.

God Powers are unlocked after a certain population level and accessible by tapping on the belief counter.

Hold your finger on a rock in order to destroy it. Then instead of releasing your finger, start dragging it around the screen and finding more rocks. Slide your finger over any rock to destroy it and gain belief. The same thing works for trees, but you have to tap a tree first in order to make it work.

In order to be able to create as many settlements as possible, make sure that your land is as flat as possible and then load it up with plots and abodes, so that you can either convert them into multiple settlements or one gigantic settlement.

Keep belief in handy when other tribes start to harass you, you can build new layers on top of them and bury them, which will make them go away if you bury them with two or more layers.