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Who is Tiny Dancer in Marvel’s Avengers?

One of the main mysteries in Marvel’s Avengers is the identity of “Tiny Dancer.” Someone assisting Ms. Marvel at the beginning of the game uses this codename in order to remain anonymous. If you’re unafraid of spoilers and just want this question answered, then keeping on reading for the secret Marvel’s Avengers Tiny Dancer identity.

Who is Tiny Dancer in Marvel’s Avengers?

Who is Tiny Dancer in Marvel's Avengers

Tiny Dancer is Black Widow in Marvel’s Avengers.

As for why Black Widow uses “Tiny Dancer” as a codename, she has a background in dancing when she was younger. We see a dancing figurine in a music box later on in the game.

The Tiny Dancer name also references one comic where she encounters a teenage clone of herself, who uses the name “Tiny Dancer.”

Those familiar with musician Elton John will recognize “Tiny Dancer” as a song name. It’s not the only Elton John song mentioned in the game, as “Rocket Man” is also said when Black Widow is teasing Tony Stark.

If you were hoping for Tiny Dancer to be a new superhero, created just for this game, revealed at the very end, I’ve got bad news for you. Yep, it was just Black Widow keeping her identity a secret while she worked undercover at AIM.

Not even the other Avengers could work out the Tiny Dancer code name, so don’t worry if you didn’t get it either!

We should get to see more of Black Widow’s tiny dancer background when the Black Widow movie eventually drops. That will show how she transforms into one of the world’s deadliest assassins.

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