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Can you reset Skill Points in Marvel’s Avengers?

Can you reset Skill Points in Marvel’s Avengers? No matter what game you’re playing, it’s always difficult to decide what Skill Points you unlock upon leveling up. In some games, however, you’re able to reset your unlocked Skill Points and reassign them. Read on to find out if you can reset Marvel’s Avengers Skill Points or not.

Discover below how to reset Skill Points in Marvel’s Avengers, if you can. It’s time to spend those Skill Points wisely.

Can you reset Skill Points in Marvel’s Avengers?

can you reset Skill Points in Marvel's Avengers

No, you cannot reset your Skill Points in Marvel’s Avengers. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have made it so you cannot, at any time, reset your unlocked Skill Points. Before you get too annoyed by this confirmation, however, it ultimately does not matter. You can unlock every single Skill Point in the game without having to worry about resetting at any time. It’ll just take some time to do so.

It is entirely possible that you can and will unlock and spend every Skill Point in Marvel’s Avengers. To unlock all Skills for any Hero, you need to get them up to Level 50. This, of course, will take quite a bit of time, but it is possible. Anything’s possible with some determination and a little help from superpowers.

Once you have reached Level 50 with a character, you will have unlocked every Skill Point for that Hero. This will award you with a Trophy/Achievement: Time to Shine. Play as any one character as much as possible to help unlock this Trophy/Achievement quicker.

This doesn’t help, unfortunately, for those characters you don’t play as too often, with Skills you don’t want or use. You cannot reset these situations. Remember to spend your Marvel’s Avengers Skill Points wisely. With more playable characters such as Hawkeye on the way, too, there will be more decisions to be made.