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Why did India ban PUBG Mobile?

Update: PUBG Corporation has taken hold of the publishing rights for PUBG Mobile in India (H/T: official PUBG website). Tencent is no longer involved. PUBG Corporation is now working with the Indian Government to get PUBG Mobile back onto iOS and Android devices in India. The original story follows.

Why did India ban PUBG Mobile? It’s very annoying for the millions of Indian players of the game that it has been banned in the country with access seemingly just removed. There must be a reason for it. Read on to find out why PUBG Mobile is banned in India.

Discover below, too, whether there are any plans to get the hugely popular game back on Indian smartphones. Find out what it means for a PUBG ban in India, too.

Why did India ban PUBG Mobile?

why did India ban PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is banned in India as part of its latest batch of removal of Chinese apps. This has been done as part of an ongoing effort by the Indian government to help protect the “sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order” (H/T: NDTV). Seemingly, the ongoing border dispute between India and China is to blame.

Whether you like it or not in India, the game has been removed from smartphones and smart devices in an effort to help safegaurd Indian citizens and Indian integrity from seemingly potential Chinese interference. It’s not just PUBG Mobile that has been blocked, too. PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik have been banned, too. Anything published by Tencent seems to be missing as of writing.

The full-fat PUBG on PC, meanwhile, is still available in India. As the PC game is published by PUBG Corp, a Korean company, the game is still available in India. As of writing, you cannot play PUBG Mobile in India, but you can play the original version of the game on PC. It’s unclear, unfortunately, what happens next with the app.

Will PUBG Mobile come back to India?

Thanks to the ongoing border dispute between China and India, it’s unclear what happens next. For now, it’s unsure whether PUBG Mobile will return to India. However, it is worth noting again that you can still play PUBG on PC in the country. As long as the China-India dispute continues, though, PUBG Mobile will likely remain blocked in India.