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Is there a Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Achievements not unlocking fix?

Is there a Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Achievements not unlocking fix? Marvel’s Avengers Achievement glitch is affecting numerous unlockables on Xbox One; currently, there are several unobtainable Marvel’s Avengers Achievements that are preventing players from claiming all 1,000 gamerscore. Keep scrolling to learn if there’s an Avengers game glitched achievements fix.

Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Achievements Not Unlocking | Is there a fix?

Marvel's Avengers Xbox One Achievements not unlocking

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there’s no known Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Achievements not unlocking fix. The glitched Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Achievements appear to be entirely unobtainable at the moment, though the development team has seemingly been alerted to the problem.

In a TrueAchievements forum thread discussing the Marvel’s Avengers Achievement glitches, one user claims to have contacted the game’s support team. After some back and forth, they quote a response stating that the issue will be “reviewed and investigated.” Later in the same response, the support agents says to “be on the lookout for an update or patch” addressing the Marvel’s Avengers glitched Achievements.

Hopefully, there won’t be too long to wait for that alleged Marvel’s Avengers glitched Achievements patch. As noted by content creator Maka91 on Twitter, numerous Xbox One Achievements are broken while their PS4 equivalents work flawlessly. Following the controversy surrounding Spider-Man’s PlayStation exclusivity, that isn’t a great look.

Glitched Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Achievements

Unobtainable Marvel’s Avengers Achievements appear to include any with a requirement to complete a cumulative number of tasks, as well as completing the main story campaign.

  • Super Hero Business
    • Complete 10 assignments
  • Gold Star Success
    • Complete 100 assignments
  • Tentative Peace
    • Complete 15 Villain Sectors
  • Treasure Trove
    • Open 50 Cache strongboxes
  • A Surprise Every Time
    • Open 100 strongboxes
  • Honeycomb Hideout
    • Complete five Hive missions
  • To the Dark and Back Again
    • Complete 50 Hive missions
  • Holding It Down
    • Complete 30 War Zones at Challenge III or higher rating
  • Information Overload
    • Collect 50 intelligence files
  • Wanting for Nothing
    • Collect 500 gear items
  • Odds and Ends
    • Collect three Artifacts
  • Savior of the People
    • Rescue 100 AIM prisoners
  • Fundamentally Flawless
    • Defeat 50 enemies with Assault Heroic or Ultimate Heroic abilities
  • Breaking and Entering
    • Break into 30 Depots
  • New Girl Makes Good
    • Complete the main campaign

Until Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix release a patch to address the Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Achievements not unlocking issue, it might be a good idea to hold off playing if you’re a completionist.