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Risk of Rain 2 Overloading Worm | Rolling Thunder Challenge

If you like playing with the Commando in Risk of Rain 2, you’ll want to unlock his extra abilities. In order to do that, you’ll eventually need to find an Overloading Worm. Killing one of these monsters completes the Rolling Thunder challenge, unlocking a new secondary attack called Phase Blast. However, completing this task will take time, effort, and a whole lot of firepower.

Where to find an Overloading Worm

Risk of Rain 2 Overloading Worm - Where to find

Overloading Worms in Risk of Rain 2 only appear late into runs, typically after the first two loops. They’re more powerful versions of Magma Worms, able to spew lightning across a wide range. You can find one as a common (non-elite) enemy or as a teleporter boss.

These are high-level monsters, meaning you’re unlikely to find one until you reach later stages. It is possible to encounter one in Drizzle, though you may be playing for hours before one appears. On Monsoon, however, they’ll appear much sooner, perhaps even as early as stage 10.

How to kill an Overloading Worm

As if Magma Worms weren’t fierce enough, Overloading Worms turn the danger up to 11. They have huge pools of health, and they’re more than capable of killing low-level Survivors in a single hit. The biggest obstacle in defeating one is avoiding the lightning it spawns while flying or erupting from the ground.

The best way to take one down is to keep your distance. Do not get close, and don’t let one burst from the ground beneath you. You can tell when the ground attack is coming as the screen will darken as it approaches. Use that as your cue to jump or dash away.

Risk of Rain 2 Commando Rolling Thunder challenge

Keep spamming your strongest attacks, never letting it get too close. High-damage attacks are best here, as opposed to AoE or crowd control attacks, since those have little direct effect. Deal as much damage as you can as quickly as you can, and hopefully you’ll survive.

Rolling Thunder Challenge

If you’re seeking out one of these electrified beasts, it’s probably in order to complete the Rolling Thunder challenge. This requires you to land the killing blow on an Overloading Worm while playing as the Commando. If you succeed, you’ll unlock the Commando’s Phase Blast attack. This secondary fires two close-range shots dealing 8×200% damage, sacrificing the Commando’s long-range piercing attack for one better-suited to crowd control.