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Wasteland 2 Attribute Guide

Attribute Guide

Wasteland 2 features seven main attributes, which cleverly spell out C.L.A.S.S.I.C. Like most old-school RPGs, they range from 1 to 10 and affect more specific statistics such as action points and carry weight. Listed below are both attributes and derived statistics and their respective descriptions.


  • Description: A ranger with a high coordination has grace, a deft touch and fine motor skills. Coordination helps avoid traps and attacks, pick locks, and improve aim.
  • Affects ranged critical hit chances and action points (one extra AP for every two points in the attribute).


  • Description: Some rangers just seem to have an innate edge. Bullets miss them, their attacks always seem to find their enemy's weak spot, and they always seem to find more loot than everybody else.
  • Affects critical hit chance, melee hit chance, chance to evade, HP with each level, and action points (potentially)
  • Luck is probably the least important attribute in the game, so don't put too many points into it.


  • Description: A ranger with a high awareness notices every detail of the world around them. They are hard to ambush or sneak up on, and are often able to get a jump on their enemies.
  • Affects melee critical hit chance, combat initiative, chance to evade, and view range (along with Perception).


  • Description: A ranger with high strength is able to hit hard, carry more gear, take more damage, recover more quickly from injury, and use heavy weapons.
  • Affects constitution, carry weight, melee damage, and action points.


  • Description: Speed is more than just how fast a ranger can run. It is also their reflexes and reaction time, which affects their initiative in battle. the higher a ranger's speed, the sooner they can act.
  • Affects movement, initiative, and action points.


  • Description: Intelligence allows a ranger to learn and process information efficiently, giving them early access to a wide variety of skills, and the ability to master them quickly.
  • Affects action points, survival points, and the ability to read high level books.


  • Description: Charisma is the combined force of a ranger's personality and desirability. People will react more favorably to a ranger with high charisma, and might talk about things they would have otherwise kept to themselves.
  • Affects dialogue choices and character interactions.
  • Charisma can be incredibly useful, but combat is also important in the game. If you want to focus on this attribute, only do so for one character.


  • Action Points: Action points are used to perform all actions in combat, so it's probably the most important stat. Characters begin with a base value of 3.
  • Carry Weight: This determines how much a character can carry at once, and it increases with strength. Characters begin with a base value of 45.
  • Chance to Evade: As the name implies, this stat determines dodging skills. Awareness and Luck increase a character's chance to evade.
  • Combat Initiative: This determines who goes first in combat, and stands right alongside Action Points as one of the most important stats in the game. Putting points into Awareness increases combat initiative.
  • Combat Speed: This dictates how far a character can travel with a single action point. Obviously Speed is the main attribute for this one.
  • Constitution: Constitution essentially equates to health, and determines how much damage a character can take before they fall in battle. Characters begin with a base value of 14.
  • Survival Points: Characters gain skill points with each level, also known as survival points. The higher a character's Intelligence, the more survival points received with each level. A list of relevant skills can be found in our Skill Guide.