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When is the Marvel’s Avengers weekly reset time?

When is the Marvel’s Avengers weekly reset time? As a live service title, the Avengers game features rotating daily and weekly challenges to complete. In order to maximize your earning potential, it pays to know when these rotations take place. As such, keep reading to learn the Marvel’s Avengers weekly challenge reset time in this guide.

What is the Marvel’s Avengers weekly reset time?

Marvel's Avengers weekly reset time

The Marvel’s Avengers weekly reset time is Saturday at 10 pm PST. Every Saturday night or Sunday morning, depending on your region, the Marvel’s Avengers weekly challenges reset with a fresh new batch to work towards.

When is the Marvel’s Avengers weekly reset time?

  • Saturday, 10 pm PST
  • Sunday, 1 am EST
  • Sunday, 6 am BST
  • Sunday, 7 am CEST

The in-game countdown timer points towards these being the universal Marvel’s Avengers weekly reset times. This past Saturday, however, no weekly challenge rotation took place. It isn’t clear whether this was an error or intentional, due to the fact that the Avengers game only launched on Friday. We’ll keep an eye on things and, should the weekly reset time change, update this article accordingly.

Completing challenges is a great way to level up each of the superheroes in Marvel’s Avengers. All of the iconic Marvel characters feature their own bespoke progression, which means there’s a lot of work to do if you want to build the ultimate team. Knowing when challenges rotate can help you to achieve that goal, ensuring you’re never short on time to claim all of the available experience points.

Of course, it’s also worth knowing the Marvel’s Avengers daily challenge reset time, which is outlined below:

When is the Marvel’s Avengers daily reset time?

  • 10 pm PST
  • 1 am EST
  • 6 am BST
  • 7 am CEST

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