Does Xbox Series S support 8K gaming?

Does Xbox Series S support 8K gaming? After several leaked details on the Xbox Series S emerged, Microsoft quickly confirmed the all-digital console’s existence. While the Xbox manufacturer is promising more official details “soon,” the leaks just keep on coming! So, with detailed Xbox Series S specs leaking, is there Xbox Series S 8K support? Keep reading to find out.

Is there Xbox Series S 8K gaming support?

Does Xbox Series S support 8K gaming?

No, Xbox Series S does not support 8K gaming. A leaked marketing video confirms that the all-digital Xbox Series S console will target 1440p resolution at up to 120 FPS. If you want a console with 8K support, you’ll need to opt for the more powerful Xbox Series X.

As a budget-friendly option, it isn’t a surprise to see Xbox Series S skipping over 8K support. Series X is the serious enthusiast’s machine, making it the future-proof option that caters to the eventual transition towards 8K display technology. Even then, it’s likely that only a minority of Xbox Series X games will feature 8K support, and instead, the general target will be 4K at up to 120 FPS.

You can get a look at the leaked Xbox Series S trailer below. It features all the major bullet points relating to the console’s tech, including confirmation of a targetted 1440p display resolution for gaming.

According to the trailer, Xbox Series S will at least support 4K upscaling for games. Additionally, there’s 4K media streaming support — naturally, 4K Blu-rays aren’t supported due to the lack of a disc drive.

Although the above trailer is almost certainly legitimate, it’s worth noting that Microsoft hasn’t released it in an official capacity yet. Due to that fact, some details could be subject to change. It’s unlikely that Series S 8K support is a feature that would’ve been added, however, due to lacking overall horsepower.