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Bayonetta 2 Wii U Cheats

General Tips
  • Master the art of dodging, specifically at the last moment. It activates witch time and stands out as perhaps the most important mechanic in the game. Plus, killing enemies while time stops is just plain awesome.
  • You can even use witch time as an offensive tool. Don't attack at all and wait for an enemy to swing at you – then dodge and retaliate. Rinse and repeat. Obviously this doesn't work in all spots, but it can be surprisingly effective throughout the entire game.
  • Mix up combos and weapons. The game doesn't do a great job of encouraging the latter, so be sure to go into the menu and equip some of the other weapons you purchase and/or unlock. It aids your combo score and also makes attacks look a lot more flashy.
  • If you're okay with using items in the game, be sure to stock up on green lollipops before each chapter so you can heal in between encounters or during a tough boss fight. But try your best to finish a chapter without using any items to receive a score bonus.
  • Explore the environments and destroy breakable items to earn more Halos (the game's currency). You'll also come across some chests with handy items in them.
  • Attempt all the Muspelheim challenges to receive special reward items, like moon pearls and witch hearts. And don't worry about failing, since you can repeat each challenge as much as you want until you succeed.



Quicker Boss-Fighting ClimaxesAdded

You can speed up some of the Quick-Time Events and prompts that require you to rotate the analog stick by rotating both analog sticks at once. Doing this will also work when concocting items in the 'Witch's Recipes' menu.

Unlockable Story Mode and Tag Climax Playable Characters

  • Balder - Beat Verse Card no. 13 in Tag Climax mode.
  • Jeanne - Beat Story Mode on any difficulty.
  • Rodin - Beat Verse Card no. 53 in Tag Climax mode.
  • Rosa - Beat Story Mode on 3rd Climax difficulty.


  • Ace Pilot - Defeat all enemies in Jetfighter Assault.
  • After the End Comes... - Complete the Records of Time on any difficulty.
  • Apprentice of Secret Arts - Create your first Concoction.
  • Bad Boy! - Touch Bayonetta once during 10 different cutscenes.
  • Beautiful! - Defeat Rodin.
  • Card Collector - Collect every Verse Card.
  • Chapter VII Complete - Complete Chapter VII on any difficulty.
  • Chapter XVI Complete - Complete Chapter XVI on any difficulty.
  • Chapters I-IV Complete - Complete Chapters I through IV on any difficulty.
  • Chapters V-VI Complete - Complete Chapters V and VI on any difficulty.
  • Chapters VIII-IX Complete - Complete Chapters VIII and IX on any difficulty.
  • Chapters X-XII Complete - Complete Chapters X through XII on any difficulty.
  • Chapters XIII-XV Complete - Complete Chapters XIII through XV on any difficulty.
  • Cruel Witchcraft - Defeat 20 Angels with Torture Attacks.
  • Darkness Envelops Light - Defeat Balder in Chapter XII without taking damage.
  • Destroyer of the Light - Defeat 30 Angels with Umbran Climaxes.
  • Discography - Collect all Angelic Hymns Gold LPs.
  • End Ruler - Complete all of Muspelheim.
  • Ice Queen - In Story Mode, freeze over 40 non-ice elemental enemy types with Undine.
  • Liberator of Time - Open all of the Umbra Witches’ final resting places.
  • Master of Secret Arts - Concoct every possible item at least once.
  • Prepared for Anything - Make your first purchase at the Gates of Hell.
  • Prologue Complete - Complete the Prologue on any difficulty.
  • Relentless Witchcraft - Defeat 20 Demons with Torture Attacks.
  • Retribution of Thorns - In Story Mode, tie up and slam down enemies 50 times with Alruna.
  • Scrapbook Complete - Collect all of the Journal’s Echoes.
  • Survivor of Darkness - Defeat 30 Demons with Umbran Climaxes.
  • True Witch - Playing ∞ Climax mode, complete every chapter.
  • Umbran Successor - Acquire all skills.
  • War on All Planes - Complete a Muspelheim challenge.