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Fortnite 2.85 Update Patch Notes | Today, September 10

The Fortnite 2.85 update patch notes are now here and ready for eager players to read. Today‘s update, rolling out on September 10, is deploying across PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android. The new Fortnite patch will not be coming to iOS (iPhone and iPad), as Epic Games and Apple are still locked in their legal feud. Read on for the full list of Fortnite 14.10 update patch notes (A.K.A. 2.85).

Fortnite 2.85 Update Patch Notes | Official

Fortnite 2.85 Update Patch Notes

The Armored Avenger

  • Tony Stark’s temporal beacon brings Stark Industries to the Island. Explore the R&D Lab and Battle Bus chop shop.

Unleash More Powers

  • The Stark Industries Update assembles more powers. Check out Thor’s Mjolnir Strike, Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets, and more.

The Force of Galactus Descend

  • Drones from beyond the cosmos crash landed on the Island. Take out the Gatherer Drones and you’ll be rewarded.
  • A Mint-Condition LTMMix and match iconic superpowers from across Marvel in a new comicbook crossover LTM.

Become a Hero

  • New to the Item Shop, customize your own hero!

Weekly Wolverine Challenges

  • Clues to Weapon X’s whereabouts continue with new Challenges on Thursday.

Those of you on supported platforms will receive the 2.85 during scheduled maintenance. This will begin at 3 AM ET/1 AM PT/8 AM UTC and will likely last 1-2 hours. During this time, players will be locked out of matchmaking.

Fortnite 2.85 Update Patch Notes | Datamined files

Fortnite 2.85 Update Patch Notes

Committed dataminers are working hard to analyze the Fortnite 2.85 patch files. They have uncovered a number of interesting findings which you can see embedded below. Get scrolling!

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