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How to unlock Black Panther in Fortnite

Is there a Fortnite Black Panther Skin? Following the latest update to the game, data miners have found currently unused Black Panther files, which usually means the new Outfit isn’t too far from an official reveal and release. Read on to find out how to unlock Black Panther in Fortnite.

Discover below, too, when we believe the Black Panther Fortnite Skin release date will be. Thanks to the leaks, however, Black Panther should be added to the game soon.

How to earn Black Panther in Fortnite

how to unlock Black Panther in Fortnite

You should unlock Black Panther in Fortnite either by spending some V-Bucks in the Item Shop or by completing a set of challenges following a future game update.

Thanks to the leaks from reliable data miners such as FortTory, however, it’s clear that Black Panther should be added to the battle royale soon. FortTory took to Twitter to reveal that they have discovered a Black Panther image in Fortnite, which you can see in the tweet below:

The images of both Black Panther and Venom that you can see above were found following the Fortnite update today. What’s more FortTory has also discovered a Black Panther Punchcard. This lends more weight to the likely new character Skin being added soon.

Following the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman, Epic Games added the Panther’s Prowl statue to the Fortnite map. Now, it seems as though you will be able to play as Black Panther soon. Perhaps, too, the Black Panther Skin was delayed in Fortnite to pay respects to the late actor, just as was done in the Marvel’s Avengers game.

When is the Black Panther Fortnite release date?

Black Panther should be added to Fortnite soon, between September 15, to September 17, 2020. New Fortnite updates fall on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday every week. Black Panther could be added in an Item Shop refresh, however. These happen every day at 8 PM ET. Hopefully, the Wakandan King is added sooner rather than later. We’ll update this guide, of course, with any new information should it come to light.