Grounded Update Version 0.2.2 Patch Notes

A new update to Grounded is being rolled out to players on PC and Xbox One. Update version 0.2.2 is a small update that includes a crucial fix for players affected by the save loading issue. Here’s a look at the full Grounded patch notes for update 0.2.2.

Grounded Patch Notes | Update Version 0.2.2

Grounded Patch Notes - Update Version 0.2.2

The new Grounded update 0.2.2 is very small, offering just one point of interest. It fixes an issue introduced in patch version 0.2.1 that prevented players from loading certain save games. Though it’s not exactly clear what caused the issue to begin with, it should no longer be a problem moving forward.

Here are the full patch notes for Grounded update version 0.2.2 as provided by the team at Obsidian:

  • Fixed an issue introduced in 0.2.1 that caused some saves to fail to load for some players.

The previous update referenced in the patch notes was released just six days ago. In that time, many players filed reports saying their save games would not load. As far as we can tell, the true cause of the issue hasn’t been publicly disclosed. No matter what the problem was at the time, it took less than a week to issue this patch. Hopefully anyone affected by the bug will be able to jump back into the game starting today.

As always, Obsidian is asking for anyone experiencing bugs or errors to file a report. Just remember that the team needs to know as much information as possible in order to address the problem at hand. As such, if you run into trouble, head to the Obsidian support website and provide details about your platform, the problem you experienced, and the last things you remember doing prior to the bug. The more feedback the developers receive, the better they’ll be able to track down and fix the issue.