Do you need an Xbox for xCloud game streaming?

Do you need an Xbox for xCloud game streaming? Project xCloud is now part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate package, allowing subscribers to stream Xbox games to their Android devices. Can you use Xbox Game Streaming without owning an Xbox, though? In this guide, we answer that question.

Can you use xCloud without owning an Xbox console?

Do you need an Xbox for xCloud game streaming?

You don’t need an Xbox console to use xCloud game streaming. If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and own an Android smartphone or tablet, then you have everything required for Xbox Game Streaming.

Unlike some other streaming services, you don’t stream games from local hardware when using xCloud. Instead, you cloud stream games directly from the Microsoft servers, meaning you don’t need an Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X to use xCloud. This is great news for anybody looking to dip their toe into gaming and/or the Xbox ecosystem with their existing mobile device.

While some titles, like Minecraft Dungeons, support dedicated touch controls when played via xCloud, not all games do. Due to that fact, you will need to own a Bluetooth controller in order to play many xCloud games. Multiple third-party controllers are supported, including the PS4’s DualShock 4.

Do you need an Xbox for xCloud game streaming?

  • No, you don’t need an Xbox to use xCloud game streaming.
  • You just need an Android device, an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and an internet connection.
  • Some games require the use of a Bluetooth gamepad.
  • In addition to Xbox controllers, many third-party Bluetooth controllers are fully supported.

Hopefully, iOS users will be able to get in on the xCloud action soon enough. You can’t currently take advantage of Xbox Game Streaming on iPhone and iPad, and there’s currently no release date to indicate when the functionality will be added.