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How to catch the Midas Fish in Fortnite

The Fortnite Midas Flopper fish has eluded players for many weeks now, like the hit battle royale’s own version of the mythical yeti. For many, the Midas fish is the final hurdle to catch as part of their collection. It’s number 40 of 40. Read on for the need-to-know about whether you can catch the Midas Flopper in Fortnite yet and, if you can, how to catch this rarest fish!

Can you catch the Midas Flopper in Fortnite yet?

How to catch the Midas Fish in Fortnite

No, you can’t catch the Midas Flopper in Fortnite yet.

Despite some players saying otherwise, which includes YouTubers showing footage of a fake Midas that has been artificially added in, the Midas fish can’t yet be caught in Fortnite Battle Royale.

As discovered by @HYPEX on Twitter, the Midas Flopper appears to have been added to the game, but it isn’t yet enabled. This means that the files are there, but players can’t actually find the fish.

How to catch the Midas Flopper in Fortnite

How to catch the Midas Fish in Fortnite

To catch the Midas Flopper in Fortnite, you will need to go to a fishing spot and use the pro fishing rod.

According to dataminer HYPEX, that’s all it takes to find the Midas Flopper. Of course, you will need to get extremely lucky to catch the rarest fish in the game.

Now that the fish appears to have been added to Fortnite, it’s only a matter of time before developer Epic Games allows players to find and catch it. For some, that will mean fish #40 and a completed collection!

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Good luck on your hunt for the rare Midas Flopper! You can do it!