Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse 3DS Cheats

General Tips

  • When you receive a new piece of equipment, check previous islands again. There's guaranteed to be one or two new spots you can reach.
  • Stock up on pirate flares so you don't have to make the long walk back to the ship every time you visit an island.
  • Potions and Auto-Potions can make boss fights ridiculously easy, so don't buy too many. It's good to have a few of them handy, but even if you die there's a save point right before each fight.
  • Buy shampoo and silky cream from the shop immediately. They increase your attack power and whipping speed respectively, both of which make the player's life a lot easier.
  • Don't worry too much about buying new moves from the shop. Recover is a useful one, but none of them are necessary to beat the game.
  • The stealth section in the middle of the game is a great spot to get Gems because there are a lot of pots around the environment. Be sure to check all the doors to find them all.
  • Risky's Boots make traveling a lot easier, because the charged run allows players to run right through all enemies on a flat surface. Run from Scuttle Town to the palace and watch how fast you get there.



Shantae and the Pirate's Curse features six distinct islands, most of which have their own dungeons and sub-levels. The game also tells you how many Heart Squids and Cacklebats are included in each island so players can attempt 100% completion playthroughs (which results in the best ending).

Scuttle Town
  • Heart Squids: 6
  • Cacklebats: 5

Saliva Island
  • Heart Squids: 5
  • Cacklebats: 2

Spiderweb Island
  • Heart Squids: 5
  • Cacklebats: 3

Tan Line Island
  • Heart Squids: 4
  • Cacklebats: 4

Mud Bog Island
  • Heart Squids: 6
  • Cacklebats: 3

Frostbite Island
  • Heart Squids: 6
  • Cacklebats: 3

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