WWE 2k Battlegrounds Day One Patch details

As you might expect, there’s a WWE 2k Battlegrounds day one patch to download before you get into the over-the-top wrestling action. Luckily, it isn’t too big and shouldn’t take long to download. Here’s everything we know about the WWE 2k Battlegrounds day one update so far.

WWE 2k Battlegrounds Day One Patch Notes

WWE 2k Battlegrounds day one patch details

Unfortunately, 2K Games hasn’t released a complete list of WWE 2k Battlegrounds day one patch notes at the time of writing. We can confirm that the download weighs in at just 2.3 GB on Xbox One and should be of a similar size on other platforms, however.

Several WWE 2K Battlegrounds previews have noted that the game suffers from frame rate issues during busier gameplay moments. Environmental interactions can cause the game to lag noticeably, resulting in a less-than-ideal experience for the user. Hopefully, the WWE 2k Battlegrounds day one update will help to address this issue across all platforms.

Typically, day one updates are limited to small final tweaks to the finished game. That isn’t always the case, but the small WWE 2K Battlegrounds day one patch download size could indicate that we shouldn’t expect anything too drastic.

If and/or when 2K releases the complete day one patch notes for its latest WWE title, we’ll be back to update this guide with all the exact details.

WWE 2k Battlegrounds day one update details

  • At the time of writing, 2K Games hasn’t released the WWE 2k Battlegrounds day one update patch notes.
  • The download size on Xbox One is just 2.3 GB, and, although other platforms may vary, they should be a similar size.
  • Previews have noted WWE 2k Battlegrounds frame rate issues, so hopefully, the patch will help to address those.

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