Are there WWE 2K Battlegrounds microtransactions?

The upcoming WWE 2K Battlegrounds looks to be zany wrestling fun for the whole family. Will the arcade brawler feature any MTX to spend your hard-earned money on, though? Keep scrolling as we share all the latest information on WWE 2K Battlegrounds microtransactions.

Does WWE 2K Battlegrounds have microtransactions (MTX)?

WWE 2K Battlegrounds microtransactions

Yes, WWE 2K Battlegrounds features microtransactions. While 2K Games hasn’t yet revealed how MTX will be implemented, we do have confirmation from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) that there are “In-Game Purchases.” These purchases are applicable to all versions of the game, so PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

While the mainline WWE 2K games don’t traditionally have microtransactions, WWE‘s mobile games do. With WWE 2K Battlegrounds drawing obvious comparisons to NBA 2K Playgrounds it’s possible that the MTX could be similar to those found in 2K‘s arcade basketball series.

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 features randomized card packs containing players, currency, and customization items. If the same can be said of WWE 2K Battlegrounds, we could be purchasing loot boxes (or equivalent) that grant Superstars, alternate attires, and premium in-game currency. That’s speculation, though we’ll aim to keep you updated as we learn exactly what the WWE 2K Battlegrounds MTX are.

Wrestling fans have spent years clamoring for a sequel to 2011 brawler WWE All-Stars, and 2K Battlegrounds is essentially WWE All-Stars 2 in all but name. That game didn’t feature MTX, though it was published by THQ in a period where in-game purchases were less common. Hopefully, WWE 2K Battlegrounds microtransactions won’t be damaging to the experience. It’d be a shame since fans have been waiting so long for a new over-the-top wrestling title.

We recently learned the 2K Battlegrounds release date and the first details surrounding the Create-A-Superstar features. Check those out and stay tuned for more on WWE 2K Battlegrounds as we approach its launch.