Are there Oculus Quest 2 exclusive games?

Are there Oculus Quest 2 exclusive games? If you own an Oculus Quest, you’re probably wondering: “Are Oculus Quest 2 games compatible with the original?” Stick with us to learn if Oculus Quest 2 has exclusive games, or if they also work on the original Oculus Quest 1 headset.

Are there Oculus Quest 2 exclusive games?

Oculus Quest 2 exclusive games

No, Oculus Quest 2 does not have any exclusive games. New Oculus Quest games and experiences will be compatible with both Oculus Quest headsets for the foreseeable future.

Oculus has pledged to continue supporting the original Quest for the time being. Although the device will likely be phased out eventually, the arrival of the Oculus Quest 2 won’t force an immediate upgrade. Original Quest owners will still be able to engage with the latest content, only with lesser visual fidelity.

While there’s no immediate rush to upgrade, the tempting $299.99 Oculus Quest 2 price point makes it relatively accessible. The next-generation standalone VR headset boasts improved technical specifications over the original, while also costing less money.

Whether you upgrade or not, games like Splinter Cell VR and Assassin’s Creed VR are fully compatible with both versions. The same goes for Oculus Quest 2 launch line-up games, including The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners and Rez Infinite.

Are there Oculus Quest 2 exclusive games?

  • No, there aren’t any Oculus Quest 2 exclusive games.
  • Content parity is planned between Oculus Quest 1 and 2 for the foreseeable future.
  • Eventually, this may change as the original Oculus Quest is phased out.

Impressive as the wireless HMD might be, the Oculus Quest 2 has been mired in controversy so far. Forced Facebook account integration is a sticking point for many, not helped by the fact you specifically can’t use a dummy account to bypass any privacy concerns.

If you’re not concerned with owning the latest tech and just want to pick an original Quest up cheap now, see if it’s worth shelling out for the 128GB model. You might also be able to save money by using Oculus Store promo codes.