All WWE 2K Battlegrounds locker codes list

WWE 2K Battlegrounds locker codes are an easy way to unlock new content within the game. Provided that you know them, of course. Rather than typing in random passwords in the hopes of getting lucky, check out this all WWE 2K Battlegrounds locker codes list.

Complete WWE 2K Battlegrounds locker codes list

All WWE 2K Battlegrounds locker codes list

At the time of writing, there’s just a single WWE 2K Battlegrounds locker code to redeem. While some users have reportedly redeemed the secret promo code successfully, unfortunately, it didn’t work for us so your mileage may vary.

In order to redeem WWE 2K Battlegrounds locker codes, simply press the L3 button at the main menu and then enter the appropriate text.

All WWE 2K Battlegrounds locker codes list

    • Note: While some have reported that this code works, it gave us an error.

As you can see, it’s slim pickings for now. Since WWE 2K Battlegrounds hasn’t even been out for a week yet (as of writing) that isn’t too surprising, however.

New WWE 2K Battlegrounds locker codes should be announced via official social media channels, most likely to coinde with and promote real-world WWE events. We’d recommend following @2KBattlegrounds and @WWEgames for new locker code reveals.

Giving away freebies in the form of locker codes could help to win 2K Games some much-needed favor with wrestling fans. Not only was last year’s WWE 2K20 an unmittigated disaster, but, more recently, there’s been controversy surrounding 2K Battlegrounds itself. Impact Wrestling star Tessa Blanchard’s likeness appeared in WWE 2K Battlegrounds without permission” from the proper authorities. That situation is still developing.

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