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Fantasy Life Class Guide

Class Guide

One of the main hooks of Fantasy Life is the way in which players can easily change from one class to the next and thus experience different playstyles. Some focus on combat, others focus on crafting, and all of them provide their own unique mechanics. At any time players can head to the Guild Master in Castele Square to change classes.

Classes level up with a certain number of stars, from the rank of Novice all the way to God. Each new rank provides a special life bonus depending on the class.

Listed below are all 12 classes in Fantasy Life.

  • Focus: Crafting
  • Item: Flask
  • Life Bonuses: Increased Intelligence and Dexterity
  • Official Description: It's not magic, I say! No, not a scam either! Alchemists can really turn weeds and the like into usable items!


  • Focus: Gathering
  • Item: Fishing Rod
  • Life Bonuses: Increased Focus and Intelligence
  • Official Description: Grab your trusty fishing rod, and traverse the land in search of fishing spots! Fishing may seem like an easy job, but if you come home empty handed, you'll be going to sleep hungry.


  • Focus: Crafting
  • Item: Hammer
  • Life Bonuses: Increased Vitality and Focus
  • Official Description: What would a Paladin do without a sword, or a Miner without a pickaxe? Blacksmiths are simply indispensable in every form! Forge the finest tools, weapons, and armor!


  • Focus: Crafting
  • Item: Saw
  • Life Bonuses: Increased Vitality and Dexterity
  • Official Description: Weapons and armor of steel and alchemical elixirs? No, yours is a more practical craft. What good is a Paladin if she has no bed to sleep in? All other crafts rest on the product of your skills. Literally.


  • Focus: Crafting
  • Item: Cookware
  • Life Bonuses: Increased Focus and Dexterity
  • Official Description: Become a gourmet Cook, and entice even the king with the heavenly taste of your signature dishes! Spice up your Life with, um... condiments!


  • Focus: Combat
  • Item: Bow
  • Life Bonuses: Increased Dexterity and Strength
  • Official Description: Let your hunting instincts guide you as you stalk your prey deep in forests or out under the scorching desert sun.


  • Focus: Combat
  • Item: Sword
  • Life Bonuses: Increased HP and Strength
  • Official Description: Allegiance to none, a soldier to all. You only need your trusty blade and keen skills to get the job done. Oversize claymore totally included!


  • Focus: Gathering
  • Item: Pickaxe
  • Life Bonuses: Increased Strength and Focus
  • Official Description: Arm yourself with your trusty pickaxe, and get ready to rock some rocks! A cornucopia of precious metals lie in wait deep underground. Can you dig it?


  • Focus: Combat
  • Item: Shield and Sword
  • Life Bonuses: Increased HP and Vitality
  • Official Description: Monsters and creatures of evil never take a holiday, and neither does the valiant Paladin. With weapon in hand, become a shield of the innocent and the sword of the weak.


  • Focus: Crafting
  • Item: Needle
  • Life Bonuses: Increased Dexterity and Intelligence
  • Official Description: Fashion. Everyone wants it, but few can truly *get* it. You can double-stitch your way to the center of any fashionista's wardrobe. And you look FAB-U-LOUS doing it!


  • Focus: Combat
  • Item: Staff
  • Life Bonuses: Increased Intelligence and Focus
  • Official Description: Harness the power of the elements to perform a variety of potent healing and attacking spells. Now that's magic!


  • Focus: Gathering
  • Item: Axe
  • Life Bonuses: Increased Strength and Dexterity
  • Official Description: Arm yourself with an axe, and take to the forest for that authentic lumberjack Lifestyle. Remember, if you respect nature, nature will respect you!