Which devices support Amazon Luna?

Amazon Luna is poised to bring cloud-based gaming to the masses. Since the game software runs on Amazon servers, you won’t need a high-powered PC or the latest gaming console to play. You will, however, need one of the Amazon Luna supported devices. Here’s a look at what kind of hardware you can use to enjoy games with Luna.

Amazon Luna Compatible Devices

Amazon Luna compatible devices support

Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming service is compatible with a number of devices. The Fire TV is the most obvious supported device, since it’s produced by Amazon itself. Otherwise, Luna will allow you to play games on Windows and Mac PCs, mobile phones, and even certain tablets.

Here’s the full list of devices with Luna support as provided by Amazon:

  • PC (requires Windows 10 with DirectX 11 support)
  • Mac (requires OSX 10.13 or later)
  • Fire TV devices:
    • Fire TV Stick (second gen or newer)
    • Fire TV Stick 4K
    • Fire TV Cube (second gen)
  • iPhone (iOS 14)
  • iPad (iOS 14)

You may notice that Android phones and tablets are not on this list. Don’t worry, they’ll come around: Amazon says Android support is “coming soon.” Since Android devices have a lot more variety than iOS devices, nailing down which models are supported may get complicated. Chances are good that Luna will require one of the latest versions of Android, and perhaps an up-to-date version of the Chrome browser.

Surprisingly, not every Fire TV device is supported. First-generation models apparently don’t have enough grunt, though later generations do. Amazon has a page to help you figure out which Fire TV device you have, and it’s worth looking over to make sure your hardware is supported. Strangely, Fire TV Edition television sets are not on the list. If you were hoping to run Luna on your Fire-enabled display, you may consider contacting Amazon to see if it’s compatible.

There’s still no word on exactly when Luna will launch, though Amazon has at least provided a list of Luna games you’ll be able to enjoy on supported devices. Just remember that at least some of them will require a Luna compatible controller.