Amazon Luna Controllers | All Compatible Gamepads

Amazon Luna is the company’s new foray into cloud-based gaming. The idea is simple: Powered by Amazon Web Services, Luna allows you to play modern games on just about anything from Fire TV devices to phones and more. Of course, that means you’ll need a Luna compatible controller. Fortunately, you probably already own a device you can use.

Which controllers does Amazon Luna support?

Which controllers does Amazon Luna support?

Amazon Luna supports a variety of game controllers. The Luna Controller is the obvious choice, as it’s been designed for Amazon’s cloud gaming service specifically. Luna also includes support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamepads in addition to a mouse and keyboard.

Which controller you choose is largely dependent on which platform you play on. Fire TV users will likely opt for the Luna gamepad, as it ties together with Amazon’s Alexa service. You’ll be able to press the center button to call on Alexa for various voice commands, including launching games. It’s also been optimized by what Amazon calls Cloud Direct technology, resulting in lower wireless latency in comparison to a standard Bluetooth connection.

Outside of the Fire ecosystem, you may consider either a DualShock 4 or an Xbox One gamepad. Chances are good you already have one laying around, so there’s no need for an additional purchase. Plus, it’s possible to use both of them with mobile phone controller mounts. Since Luna will support mobile devices (iPhone and iPad have been confirmed, while Android is coming soon), either of these will work for on-the-go gaming.

Of course, it’s also possible to play games with a regular mouse and keyboard. Luna will run through Chrome or Safari web browsers, and several of the confirmed Luna games are already optimized for mouse and keyboard input.

In short, you can use either a Luna controller, a DualShock 4, or an Xbox One gamepad. Curiously, the list does not include the Switch Pro controller, which the Luna controller seems to be clearly inspired by. Fortunately, PC players will be able to get by with a mouse and keyboard, same as they always have.