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Nioh 2 1.15 Update Patch Notes | Bug fixes

The Nioh 2 1.15 update patch notes don’t radically change the game ahead of its second expansion, Darkness in the Capital, which comes out on October 15. Instead, it just cuts out some minor bugs. Tengu’s Disciple, the game’s great first expansion, came with a huge patch that changes a lot of stuff, so hopefully this tiny update is just the precursor to something much bigger. So what does this new update do?

Nioh 2 1.15 Update Patch Notes | Bug fixes

Chances are that you won’t quite be effected by this update. It has a handful of specific changes that most players probably don’t know about. It fixes some of the stuff added in the previous big patch like the Dream of the Strong mode and the Picture Scroll missions. The Kodama’s Bazar will have the right equipment and the Nue boss won’t fall of the stage in the Picture Scroll missions.

Filtering gear also won’t cause an error and the game won’t freeze when you have 10 different armor set bonuses on your character. Your equipment that was not restored when handing them to the Blacksmith will also now be restored when you download the patch. Again, this is all pretty rare stuff but worth it for some people who have been hit with these glitches.

Full Nioh 2 1.15 update patch notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a particular procedure caused the screen to freeze and become unresponsive when 10 different set bonuses were equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Filter” function sometimes caused an application error.
  • Fixed and issue in the Dream of the Strong, where equipment with a particular special effect would appear in the “Kodama’s Bazar” at a higher than intended rate.
  • Fixed and issue in the Picture Scroll missions where the Nue sometimes fell off the stage.
  • Fixed and issue which prevented some equipment from being restored in the v1.14 fix which addressed the loss of information from Smithing Texts handed to the Blacksmith.

*The information will automatically be restored after applying patch v1.15