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Rocket League Tournaments 2020 Schedule | Dates and Times List

What is the Rocket League Tournaments 2020 schedule? There are two types of Tournaments in the game, with multiple small tourneys taking place daily in each region, along with professional Esports Tournaments with cash prizes available for the winners. Read on to find out what the daily Rocket League Tournament schedule is in Europe and in the U.S. Discover below, too, what the Rocket League Esports Tournament 2020 schedule should be.

When are the daily Rocket League Tournaments?

Rocket League Tournaments 2020 Schedule

Every day, there should be three Tournaments in Rocket League available to enter for all players. Daily Tournaments take place around the world, with a different schedule for each region. Simply head to the Tournaments page under “Play” to find out when regional daily Tournaments take place. It’s possible, too, to take part in a U.S. Tournament while playing in Europe and vice-versa. Be warned, though, that a Rocket League Tournament region is locked for 24 hours upon taking part in a daily Tournament. Hopefully, players can get into Tournaments despite the Epic Online Services problems and server problems.

Rocket League daily Tournament European Schedule

There should be a new Tournament every three hours or so. It’s currently unclear if the times remain the same every day. When we checked the game (September 30, 2020), this was the European Tournament schedule we received:

  • 3 PM UTC
    • 4 PM BST
    • 5 PM CEST
  • 6 PM UTC
    • 7 PM BST
    • 8 PM CEST
  • 9 PM UTC
    • 10 PM BST
    • 11 PM CEST

Rocket League U.S. Tournaments Schedule

  • 3 PM PDT
    • 6 PM EDT
  • 6 PM PDT
    • 9 PM EDT
  • 9 PM PDT
    • 12 AM (midnight) EDT

Remember to check Rocket League Tournament times in-game every day for the correct daily Tournaments schedule. What’s above is what we saw when checked in-game on September 30, 2020. The daily schedule of Tournaments may change each day.

The better a player does in a Tournament, the more Tournament Credits they earn. These can be spent on unique customization options such as animated Decals, Wheels, and Goal Explosions. The Tournament reward summary should now work as normal, too, thanks to the game’s 1.83 update. It’s time to put all that practice into action and win some Tournament Credits.

What is the Esports Rocket League Tournaments 2020 schedule?

Rocket League Tournaments 2020 schedule

The Rocket League Tournaments 2020 schedule (RLCS) October 2020 (Fall Split Major) is as follows (thanks

Oceanic Regional Major

  • Day 1: October 10, 5 PM PDT (October 11, 10 AM AEST)
  • Day 2: October 11, 5 PM PDT (October 12, 10 AM AEST)

South American Regional Major

  • Day 1: October 16, 8 AM PDT (12 PM BRT)
  • Day 2: October 23, 8 AM PDT (12 PM BRT)

European Regional Major

  • Day 1: October 17, 8 AM PDT (3 PM UTC)
  • Day 2: October 24, 8 AM PDT (3 PM UTC)

North American Regional Major

  • Day 1: October 18, 11 AM PDT (6 PM UTC)
  • Day 2: October 25, 11 AM PDT (6 PM UTC)

What’s above is just what is currently known for Rocket League Esports in October 2020. It’s safe to say that there will be more Esports action on the way beyond October 2020, too. There is a large number of Esports Tournaments in Rocket League, taking place nearly every week, it seems.

There always seems to be some kind of Esports action going on with Rocket League. Esports qualifiers and Tournaments appear to take place pretty much every week. It’s worth keeping an eye on a couple of sources for the Rocket League Esports Tournaments 2020 schedule. RocketLeagueEsports, for example, is the major resource for anything and everything Esports in Rocket League.

Keep an eye on, too, the official Rocket League Esports Twitter account for any ongoing and upcoming Esports Tournaments in the soccar game. Both the ofifical website and Twitter account should be more than enough to let players in on Rocket League Esports goings-on. If not, the game tells players when Esports events are taking place, too, with users able to watch live through the game on occasion, at least.

Now get out there and start claiming some wins and show the world what a Rocket League champ looks like. If the game isn’t launching, however, try out a number of these not launching fixes.