Box art - Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

While the gamer is in middle of the race and has to drive across the entire desert stretch within the stipulated time press “C” to fill up the empty nitro and zoom quickly to finish the race.

When you press “V” once the fuel mark is hovering around the danger mark it would fill the tank of the vehicle once again thus the user will not face any fuel shortage.

Be clever and enhance fuel capacity and engine upgrades first since they will allow you to travel further and earn more money.

Ease of the pedal from time to time to conserve fuel, especially when you find yourself going downhill.

If you are short of cash for ammo press “B” which allows you to buy any ammunition.

Remember you are rewarded according to how far you go and you get rewarded by how many zombies you run over.

Always try landing on all four tyres, doing this will decrease potential damage and will allow you to get back to speed quickly.

If you can always choose the higher paths as the upper areas tend to have fewer obstacles.

If you add a Facebook link once a level is completed it gives you $99999 to your balance.