Box art - Phasmophobia

How to use the crucifix in Phasmophobia

VR ghost hunting game Phasmophobia gives players a range of tools with which to bust specters. One of these is a holy relic, an ornate crucifix that can ward off evil spirits. How does the crucifix work in Phasmophobia, though? Stick around to learn how to use the crucifix in Phasmophobia on PC.

What does the crucifix do in Phasmophobia?


Phasmophobia can be a pretty terrifying experience. While players have a bunch of tools to expel ghostly ghouls with, the game doesn’t clearly explain how to use them — take the camera, for example. Not only that, but users can even speak directly to ghosts in order to boost their immersion and the game’s scare factor. When experiencing genuine terror at the hands of a horror game, however, it pays to know how to use everything that’s available.

The best way to use the crucifix in Phasmophobia is to find the ghost’s room and place the crucifix down inside it. By leaving the crucifix there, most ghosts will be prevented from entering their hunting phases and attacking players. If the ghost has already entered its hunting phase, the crucifix will not do anything to protect players.

Waving the crucifix at an attacking ghost in Phasmophobia will not cause it to stop the assault. This ain’t like in the movies — the power of Christ does not compel these demons!

There had been some confusion about how the Phasmophobia crucifix works up until recently when developer Kinetic Games clarified things. In a Steam thread, the dev team stated:

The Crucifix is used to prevent the Ghost from entering it’s hunting phase to attack you. Once the Ghost is in its hunting phase the only thing you can do is hide. You should find the Ghost’s room and place the Crucifix inside it and it will stop most of the Ghosts hunting phases.

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