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Does Star Wars: Squadrons have a season pass?

Does Star Wars: Squadrons have a season pass? The space battling game is out now, and any people looking to buy into the complete experience are probably wondering: “Is there a Star Wars: Squadrons season pass?” Here’s what you need to know about DLC bundles for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Star Wars: Squadrons Season Pass | Is there a DLC bundle?

Does Star Wars: Squadrons have a season pass?

Love them or hate ’em, season passes offer a saving over buying every piece of a game’s downloadable content separately. Having appeared in past Star Wars games and a majority of EA titles, a Squadrons season pass almost seems inevitable. Right? Well, having learned a lesson or two from the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 loot box debacle, things are different this time around.

Star Wars: Squadrons does not have a season pass. There will be no premium Squadrons DLC, meaning that there’s no downloadable content to bundle into a season pass package.

The lack of a season pass for Star Wars: Squadrons is essentially an olive branch to the community. Many gamers vowed not to support future Star Wars projects produced by EA after Battlefront 2 launched with pay-to-win mechanics — the agreeable Squadrons business model has appropriately addressed these issues, however.

While there isn’t a Star Wars: Squadrons season pass, the game does feature free seasonal content. The game will operate on an 8-week content cycle to help keep budding pilots busy, which, when also considering the $40 asking price, is a world away from what angered so many players about Battlefront 2.

So, there’s no Star Wars: Squadrons season pass DLC on the horizon, but will the game come to other platforms? Get the latest on potential Oculus Quest and Nintendo Switch versions of Star Wars: Squadrons.

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