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Does Star Wars: Squadrons have a single-player campaign and how long is it?

Does Star Wars: Squadrons have a campaign? Players are wondering if there is a single-player story in Star Wars: Squadrons, how long the campaign is, and what players can do in the course of their adventure.

Does  Star Wars: Squadrons have a campaign?

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Star Wars: Squadrons is the newest game from Motive and Electronic Arts. This new Star Wars game puts players in the pilot’s seat as the Rebels and Empire clash in intense space battles. The game first leaked a few hours ahead of its official launch before being confirmed by EA and the fans went absolutely wild. The reveal of the game had a heavy focus on multiplayer gameplay and that leaves some players with a question — does Star Wars: Squadrons have a campaign?

Yes, Star Wars: Squadrons has a campaign. A spoiler-heavy discussion on Reddit notes that players will get to experience an unfolding story over several intense missions, some of which are especially challenging for new and experienced pilots alike. The larger focus of the game will likely be on the multiplayer seasonal content in the coming weeks and months.

Players will experience the Star Wars: Squadrons campaign from both the Imperial and Rebel sides. In an homage to earlier games, some players have reported that the Star Wars: Squadron campaign can set the Rebel pilot default name as Ace Azzameen and the Empire pilot default name as Maarek Stele.

How long is the Star Wars: Squadrons campaign?

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Modern games do not always have lengthy campaigns and some players are more interested in the single-player content. How long is the Star Wars: Squadrons campaign?

According to the same Reddit discussion, players are reporting that the campaign contains 15 total missions, split between Imperial and Rebel perspectives. How quickly you complete this campaign, however, depends largely on your skill level.

For example, some players are reporting that they managed to complete the campaign in six and a half hours on Normal difficulty. Other players are either taking their time or having difficulty getting past some of the more serious challenges and reporting a campaign length of up to 12 hours.