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Is Genshin Impact down? | Server maintenance and downtime

Is Genshin Impact down for server maintenance? Every so often online games can go down for server maintenance or suffer some server downtime thanks to a bug or too many players attempting to login to the game. As the Genshin Impact server maintenance downtime proves, miHoYo’s online open-world RPG is no different. Knowing if anyone can play Genshin Impact during server downtime is key when players are looking to play the game.

Is there Genshin Impact server maintenance?

Genshin Impact server maintenance

Server maintenance in Genshin Impact means that the game is currently down. Online games going through any kind of server downtime cannot be played until the maintenance or downtime is over. Unfortunately, as Genshin Impact cannot be played offline, whenever the game’s servers are down for maintenance or any other reason, no one can play it.

The open-world RPG is an online-only title. This means that no one can play it while the servers are down, which means that players will need to wait until the maintenance period is up or the issue has been fixed.

When will Genshin Impact server downtime end?

Genshin Impact server maintenance typically does not last too long in any online game, though it will persist for as long as its developers are resolving whichever issue they are currently tackling.

Here’s what players can do to check if Genshin Impact is down:

  • Genshin Impact official Twitter account might detail server maintenance
  • Check if a new update is installing
    • Online games often have some downtime for updates and bug fixes
  • Check if PlayStation Network or iOS and Android servers are experiencing issues
  • Make sure you are facing no internet connection issues

Whatever the reason for the server downtime in Genshin Impact, it shouldn’t be down for more than a few hours at most. For other solutions to common Genshin Impact technical issues, check out our ‘failed to check for updates’ error message and UID Does Not Exist error guides.