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Dragon Age: Inquisition Class Guide: Mage

Class Guide: Mage


Masters of this school of magic call upon spirits for protection, as well as the essence of the fade itself. Their spells disrupt hostile magic, create defensive barriers, and even heal injuries.
  • Barrier: You create a shimmering protective barrier that acts as temporary additional health. The barrier decays naturally over time. A barrier provides an additional health bar that must be destroyed before the target will take any damage. Barrier is vulnerable to dispel effects.
  • Elegant Defense: You have learned to cast barrier with a more stable magical pattern. Each time a barrier you have cast expires, the ability's cooldown time is reduced.
  • Peaceful Aura: Your aura of tranquility makes enemies less likely to attack you in battle, even when you damage them. Willpower +3 on unlock.
  • Guardian Spirit: A protective barrier springs into place around you automatically when you are badly injured. Constitution +3 on unlock.
  • Dispel: You remove hostile magic and status effects from allies while stripping beneficial effects from enemies.
  • Transmute Magic: Dispelling magic and status effects increases your own spells' damage and barrier generation for a brief duration.
  • Mind Blast: You send enemies staggering with an explosion of willpower that drives them back and makes them less likely to target you again.
  • Fortifying Blast: Each enemy you strike with Mind Blast increases your protective barrier as you turn their pain into your power.
  • Rejuvenating Barrier: When you or your allies have an active barrier, the beneficial energy invigorates them and helps them recover mana or stamina more quickly. Constitution +3 on unlock.
  • Revival: You summon spirits to heal fallen allies in the area, getting them back on their feet and fighting again.
  • Life Ward: Spirits now protect your allies for a short time, reducing incoming damage and reviving them if they fall unconscious.
  • Strength of Spirits: Your barriers draw on the magic of the fade to absorb more energy before depleting. Barrier bonus +50%.


Masters of this school of magic call forth the power of thunder and lightning. Their spells paralyze foes and arc from one enemy to another.

  • Chain Lightning: You unleash a blast of lightning that shocks one target and arcs to nearby enemies.
  • Arcing Surge: Chain Lightning arcs farther and hits more targets.
  • Energy Barrage: You launch a salvo of elemental blasts from your staff that homes in on targets ahead of you.
  • Energy Bombardment: Each hit from energy barrage lowers the target's resistance to your staff's magic type for a short time.
  • Stormbringer: The storm comes to your aid and even without your calling it. When you are in combat, lightning will periodically strike a random nearby enemy. Magic +3 on unlock.
  • Lightning Bolt: You summon a bolt of lightning that blasts and paralyzes a single target. If other enemies are nearby, the bolt will paralyze the target for longer.
  • Exploding Bolt: Lightning Bolt does more damage if there are other enemies nearby, and if there are enough close to the striking point, a wave of force will knock back all enemies except for the paralyzed primary target.
  • Conductive Current: The more magical energy you expend, the more damage your spells do. Magic +3 on unlock.
  • Gathering Storm: You use your staff's energy to fill the area with sympathetic magic. Each basic attack shortens your active cooldown times. Willpower +3 on unlock.
  • Static Charge: You sheathe yourself in lightning while casting spells. Enemies that attempt to interrupt your casting with attacks are struck by arcs that leave them paralyzed. Constitution +3 on unlock.
  • Static Cage: You trap enemies inside an electricity field that paralyzes those that try to leave.
  • Lightning Cage: Static Cage is now powerful enough to hurt or even kill enemies who leave its boundaries. Whenever an enemy in the cage takes damage, a lighting bolt strikes them, dealing bonus electricity damage.


Masters of this school of magic dominate the battlefield with unrelenting fire. Enemies who survive the initial blast are driven mad with terror or burn to death in unquenchable flames.

  • Flashfire: You ignite an enemy with searing pain and send them fleeing in panic.
  • Blistering Pain: Flashfire burns brighter and hotter, intensifying the panic that your enemy suffers.
  • Immolate: You unleash a massive explosion, leaving enemies in the area burning in agony.
  • Wildfire: Immolate burns hotter and has a shorter cooldown time, allowing you to rain fire upon your enemy more often.
  • Flashpoint: After you land a critical hit, your next spell cast doesn't trigger a cooldown period. Magic +3 on unlock.
  • Pyromancer: You have mastered the summoning of fire, increasing your effectiveness when panicking or burning enemies. Willpower +3 on unlock.
  • Clean Burn: Your spells burn away ambient magic that would otherwise slow down your casting. Every spell you cast shortens your active cooldown times. Willpower +3 on unlock.
  • Fire Mine: You mark the ground with a glyph that takes a short time to prime. Once it is ready, it will erupt into flame when an enemy crosses it, damaging and staggering the target.
  • Searing Glyph: Targets hit by fire mine are launched into the air and set aflame, leaving them burning.
  • Chaotic Focus: When you cast a fire spell, the spell consumes half of your current barrier to empower it. The larger the barrier consumed, the greater the bonus to the spell's damage. Magic +3 on unlock.
  • Wall of Fire: You conjure a flaming barrier that burns and panics enemies that pass through it.
  • Lasting Flames: Wall of Fire creates a larger wall, and its flames burn longer on enemies that pass through it.


Masters of this school of magic summon cold that bites deeper than the cruelest winter. Their icy spells slow and weaken enemies.

  • Winter's Grasp: You lock a target in a sheet of ice, freezing it in place.
  • Winter's Chill: Winter's Grasp now damages and chills nearby enemies as well. However, only the primary target is frozen.
  • Fade Step: You let invisible waves of magic carry you forward, blurring ahead a short distance.
  • Frost Step: Passing through enemies hurts them and leaves them chilled.
  • Mana Surge: Your barrier explodes into wild magic when enemies destroy it. The blast freezes all nearby enemies and allows you to cast your next spell without consuming mana. Magic +3 on unlock.
  • Winter Stillness: By standing still, you enter into a meditative state that restores your mana at an enhanced rate and reduces all cooldown times. Willpower +3 on unlock.
  • Frost Mastery: You have mastered the calling of cold, increasing your effectiveness when chilling or freezing targets. Magic +3 on unlock.
  • Wall of Ice: You raise a wall of ice to keep enemies at bay.
  • Glacial Strength: Wall of Ice creates a larger wall, and you can cast it more often.
  • Ice Mine: You mark the ground with a glyph that takes a short time to prime. Once it is ready, it will freeze the first target to step on it.
  • Brittle Glyph: While frozen, the victim of ice mine loses all armor protection.
  • Ice Armor: You draw on cold magic near you to protect you from attacks. Standing near a frozen enemy or a persistent cold spell reduces all damage you take. Willpower +3 on unlock.
  • Blizzard: You summon a freezing blizzard to chill and damage enemies caught in the area.
  • Ice Storm: Your Blizzard now chilled enemies, progressively slowing them until they are frozen.