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Dragon Age: Inquisition Class Guide: Rogue

Class Guide: Rogue

Double Daggers

Experts in this style are fast and deadly, their blades slicing through enemies' defenses - and throats - before they have time to react.
  • Flank Attack: You leap through shadows to attack your foe with deadly strikes that hit them from behind.
  • Skirmisher: Before your target turns to face your blow, you move to stealth, impossible to find.
  • Twin Fangs: You lash out with both daggers, striking deep, with bonus damage if you flank your foe.
  • Ripping Fangs: If flanking, your twin fangs attack will keep your target's armor sundered from the blow.
  • Bloodied Prey: You strikes cut deeper into any foe whose current health is lower than your own. Cunning +3 on unlock.
  • Parry: You quickly block a strike made by your foe, then counter as their own defenses fall.
  • Effortless Riposte: If you succeed in countering a blow, your parry costs no stamina at all.
  • Dance of Death: You regain stamina with every kill, the better to continue your assault. Dexterity +3 on unlock.
  • Unforgiving Chain: Your daggers blur, a dance of deadly pain. Each strike adds to your critical-hit chance. After a critical attack, your chain resets as you begin another dance. Dexterity +3 on unlock.
  • Sneak Attack: Attacks upon a target's back or flank are much more likely to be killing blows. Cunning +3 on unlock.
  • Spinning Blades: You lash out with a set of slashing blows that bring you in and drive your target back.
  • Neverending Spin: The number of your deadly slashes grows when you connect with earlier attacks.
  • Deathblow: You lash out hard with swift and deadly skill and then again against a wounded foe.
  • Thrill of Victory: Your strike bites deeper, and if it should kill your target, there's no cooldown on Deathblow.


Experts in this style are masters of ranged combat. They can avoid enemies that attempt to close, put arrows or bolts through multiple foes, and even unleash explosive shots to devastating effect.

  • Death From Above: You do more damage when firing from elevation. Cunning +3 on unlock.
  • First Blood: You've learned to pick apart enemies that are still unwounded and unwary. You do more damage to enemies that are only lightly injured. Dexterity +3 on unlock.
  • Long Shot: You fire a powerful single shot that delivers more damage the farther you are from the target.
  • Archer's Lance: Long Shot now rips through every enemy along its path, doing bonus damage from each extra target it hits.
  • Leaping Shot: You dive out of trouble and fire a hail of arrows at the enemies that were trying to close with you.
  • Rolling Draw: If Leaping Shot hits, you can use the momentum of your leap to do a stronger draw as you come back to your feet. Your next attack, whenever you make it, will knock down its target.
  • Explosive Shot: You fire a powerful shot that explodes on impact, damaging enemies around your target.
  • Chain Reaction: Shrapnel from Explosive Shot fills the air and sets of deadly reactions that do more damage the more enemies are nearby.
  • Strafing Shots: You can move faster while firing without sacrificing accuracy. Dexterity +3 on unlock.
  • Pincushion: If the first arrow doesn't kill them, the tenth might. Each consecutive hit with a bow attack does progressively more damage to the target. Dexterity +3 on unlock.
  • Full Draw: It takes a moment to line up the perfect shot, but it pays off with a devastating hit that bites even deeper against enemies who aren't injured yet.
  • Stunning Shot: Enemies hit by Full Draw are knocked briefly unconscious by the power of your shot.


Experts in these talents specialize in poisons and traps. Their dirty tricks leave enemies sick and limping, easy pickings for a sharp blade or a barbed arrow.

  • Poisoned Weapons: You coat your weapons in a deadly toxin, making every attack poison enemies for a short time.
  • Infected Wounds: Your poison helps your blades and arrows bite deeper. You do more damage with your weapons while poisoned weapons is active.
  • Caltrops: You scatter spikes behind you, hurting and slowing down enemies who come after you. This ability is considered a trap for any abilities that enhance or affect traps.
  • Tread Lightly: Your Caltrops cover a wider area and impede enemies even more.
  • Fighting Dirty: All of your sunder and poison effects last longer as you make more potent toxins and uglier wounds. Dexterity +3 on unlock.
  • Looked Like it Hurt: The worst mistake your enemies can make is to let you see them flinch. Whenever you score a critical hit, you regenerate stamina.
  • Explosive Toxin: Your poisons curdle the blood of your targets. Enemies that die while poisoned explode in a shower of toxic mist. Dexterity +3 on unlock.
  • Hook and Tackle: You hurl a light grappling hook at a target, then yank hard as you leap to pull yourself to it.
  • It Beats Walking: You can use Hook and Tackle with no stamina cost or cooldown time.
  • Cheap Shot: Your critical hits tear through enemy armor, leaving it sundered for a short time. Cunning +3 on unlock.
  • Toxic Cloud: You unleash a cloud of toxic dust that damages all enemies that remain in the area.
  • Contact Poison: Toxic Cloud has a shorter cooldown time and now also poisons enemies in the area.
  • Throwing Blades: You hurl a group of knives at all nearby targets, ripping through their armor and leaving it sundered.
  • Precision Targeting: When facing fewer targets, you group your knives so that the more blades that hit a single target, the more damage they inflict.


Experts in these talents are masters of misdirection. Whether leaping to safety, disappearing into shadows, or tricking enemies into slashing at empty air, they are never where anyone expects them to be.

  • Stealth: You step into the shadows, all but invisible to your enemies. Attacking from stealth gives you a damage bonus and brings you back to the enemy's attention. Dealing damage to enemies reduces the ability's cooldown time.
  • Lost in the Shadows: You live in the darkness. Entering stealth is now instant and removes all debilitating effects on you. While in stealth, you can even pass through enemies without being detected.
  • Evasion: They can't hit what they can't see. Your deceptive fighting style gives you a chance to dodge enemy attacks, taking no damage. Dexterity +3 on unlock.
  • Easy to Miss: Enemies are likely to overlook you in combat, much to their regret. This is especially true if you're flanking them. Cunning +3 on unlock.
  • Evade: You leap away from incoming attacks, putting yourself where you need to be to win this fight.
  • Hidden Step: Enemies will swear you're still there, attacking empty air and hurting nobody but themselves as you leap away.
  • Knockout Powder: You throw a handful of dosed dust into an enemy's face, putting them to sleep for a short time.
  • Deep Sleep: Enemies affected by knockout powder sleep longer and are slow to wake up after being damaged.
  • Ambush: While you're in stealth and shortly after leaving it, your attacks ignore some of your target's armor. Dexterity +3 on unlock.
  • Shadow Strike: You take your enemy by surprise with an attack they never see coming. If you are in stealth or have not taken damage recently, this attack hits even harder.
  • Quick Blade: Shadow Strike costs less stamina, and when you use it while flanking an opponent, you reduce all of your active cooldown times.
  • Mercy Killing: When their hearts aren't in the fight, it's almost too easy. Your attacks on panicked or sleeping enemies are automatically critical hits. Cunning +3 on unlock.