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General Tips
  • Try to have one of every class in your party. You'll find a lot of doors and hidden areas in the environment that only one specific class can open.
  • Feel free to purchase upgrades from merchants. They're not particularly expensive and you want to upgrade your weapons/armor for stat boosts.
  • Make sure to talk to all your companions after each big story event. They often have new things to discuss and may even provide you with a unique sidequest.
  • If you don't like how you' leveled up your character, don't worry. You can purchase a respect tool at your base for just 1 gold, though it goes up on price after the first purchase.
  • Don't fill all requisitions. They often require materials that can be used for other things, and the only real reward is power. Trust me when I say you'll have plenty of power if you do a few side activities here and there.
  • The Hinterlands is the first big area in Inquisition, and there's a lot to see and do there. But don't linger in the Hinterlands too long. You'll be ignoring other cool environments and will likely over-level your characters.
  • Closing breaches in an environment is a great way to earn experience.
  • Try your best to solve the astrarium puzzles. Solving all of them in a single area opens up a cave with great loot.
  • Kill animals and collect herbs when you're exploring. You'll need the materials to craft new weapons, armor, and upgrades.
  • Pay careful attention to war council mission descriptions, as some of them open up important characters, options, and other cool things.
  • Inquisition allows you to flirt with a lot of characters, but you can only pursue a relationship with some of them based on your gender and race.





The Wrath of HeavenFinish the prologue.
Opposition in All ThingsClose the Breach.
In Your Heart Shall BurnSurvive an attack on the Inquisition.
Wicked Eyes and Wicked HeartsMake an impression on the Orlesian court.
Here Lies the AbyssFace your fears in the Fade.
What Pride Had WroughtReach an ancient ruin before your enemies.
On Burning WingsRecruit a powerful ally to even the score.
Doom Upon All the WorldEnd the threat once and for all.
The Brightest of Their AgeRecruit all possible companions in a single playthrough.
Beloved and PreciousCommit to a romantic relationship.
They Who StandRecruit a new companion.
Speak Only the WordGain access to a major city for the Inquisition.
Saddled UpPurchase or secure five different mounts of any kind.
Well-PreparedCraft a weapon or piece of armor in single-player mode.
CustomizedEnchant or upgrade a piece of equipment in single-player mode.
CommanderComplete a timed mission on the war table.
TrailblazerDiscover a campsite and establish an Inquisition camp in any wilderness area.
Sharp-EyedFind and recover a shard identified by an ocularum.
Well-ReadDiscover a veilfire rune.
SkilledUpgrade any ability once in single-player mode.
SpecializedChoose a specialization class.
CavalierSecure a mount.
SynergizedTrigger a cross-class combo with a character you control in single-player mode.
BotanistHarvest 50 herbs from Skyhold's garden in a single playthrough.
WyrmslayerKill a high dragon in single-player mode.
DecoratorPurchase any new decoration element for Skyhold.
Belle of the BallGain the full approval of the Orlesian court.
Hard HitterLand a single blow in excess of 1,000 damage in single-player mode.
Master BuilderCraft an item from Tier 4 materials in all non-masterwork slots in single-player mode.
Master AlchemistUpgrade your alchemic potions, grenades, or tonics 30 times in a single playthrough.
Dragons' BaneSlay 10 high dragons in single-player mode.
HeraldFinish the single-player campaign on at least Hard without lowering the difficulty.
InquisitorFinish the single-player campaign on Nightmare without lowering the difficulty.
StargazerUnlock 15 astrariums in a single playthrough.
FocusedSpend 10 points in a single ability tree with any one single-player character.
Well-FundedEarn 50,000 or more gold across all single-player playthroughs.
KeymasterEnter the heart of the Solasan temple.
PathfinderDiscover a campsite and establish at least one Inquisition camp in 10 wilderness areas.
LiberatorLiberate three keeps in a single playthrough.
High CommanderComplete 50 missions or operations in a single playthrough.
RegalCompletely upgrade one throne.
PersuasiveAcquire 10 Inquisition agents in a single playthrough.
VeteranReach level 20 in single-player mode.
PeerlessLevel up the Inquisition to rank 10.
People PersonBecome friends with at least three of your inner circle in one playthrough.
LoremasterCollect 250 codex entries in a single playthrough.
DemonslayerDefeat 1,000 demons in single-player mode.
InvincibleDefeat 2,500 enemies in single-player mode.
QuartermasterComplete 20 requisition requests in a single playthrough.
Marked for GreatnessSeal 75 rifts in a single playthrough.