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Genshin Impact incomplete writing puzzle solutions

Genshin Impact is the type of game that doesn’t explain a lot to the player. Finding solutions involves paying close attention to clues and other environmental details. This is the case with the game’s Incomplete Writing puzzles, which pop up during the Chi of Guyun quest. If this quest is giving you trouble, keep reading to figure out how to solve the Incomplete Writing puzzles.

How to solve the first Incomplete Writing puzzle

Genshin Impact Incomplete Writing first puzzle solution

The first Incomplete Writing puzzle kicks off on the eastern end of Qingce Village. You’ll eventually have to track down a shrine with a lightning pillar in the middle of a series of statues. This pillar provides a manuscript that gives you the clues you need to solve the puzzle.

The text describes how Rex Lapis was able to overcome the Chi by conquering various facets such as spirit, bones, and flesh. These clues are listed in the order you need to activate each statue.

To solve the first Incomplete Writing puzzle, you must activate the statues in this order:

  1. North
  2. Southeast
  3. Northwest
  4. Northeast
  5. Southwest

Using the compass as a guide, start by activating the northern-most pillar. If basic directions are easier, consider the northern pillar as the top of a star, then go to the bottom right, top left, top right, and the bottom left.

If you get the pattern right, a Precious Chest will appear in the shrine with various loot including Enhancement Ore and a Collected Fragment. When you’re ready, head back toward Qingce Village to begin working out the second puzzle.

How to solve the second Incomplete Writing puzzle

Genshin Impact Incomplete Writing second puzzle solution

The second Incomplete Puzzle is on top of Peak Mountain, which is marked by a massive tree and glowing orange crystals. It’s just southeast of Qingce Village, and it’s the highest mountain peak you’ll see on the horizon. Climbing up to it will probably take some effort, so take your time and tread carefully.

Once you arrive, you’ll find another manuscript filled with strange clues. This one is a little less straightforward, mentioning that you need to watch in four specific directions: Toward the wind-swept ruin, the snow-capped peak, the adepti’s abode, and the city of Liyue.

There are seven statues circled around the pond, and four of them are facing in the direction of one of those four named locations. As you’ve probably gathered, you need to activate the correct statues in the order spelled out in the manuscript. Unlike the previous puzzle, however, the second iteration has dummy statues that don’t need to be activated. If you do accidentally activate one, you’ll have to start the process all over again.

The normal solution involves double-checking the orientation of the statues against the world map. That’s tedious, though, and you’re not here to get more runaround. To solve the second Incomplete Puzzle, activate these four statues in this order:

  1. Northern statue next to the tree and crystals
  2. Northeast statue to the right of the first
  3. Southeast statue near another crystal
  4. Western statue to the left of the tree and crystals

If that seems a little bit confusing, you can alternatively reach the correct pattern by activating specific statues in a clockwise order. For this to work, you need to activate the northern statue by the tree, then the one directly to the right of it. Skip the third statue, then activate the fourth. Skip the fifth and sixth statues, then activate the seventh.

Once you get the pattern right, you’ll see another Precious Chest spawn. Inside you’ll find some various loot including even more Enhancement Ore and another Collected Fragment. With both fragments in hand, you’ll have to return to Qingce Village and speak with Granny Ruoxin to continue with the rest of the Chi of Guyun quest.

To help complete other Genshin Impact quests, the Almond Tofu location is necessary. The Mist Flower Corolla might help out, too. Players will also need to know if the game is down before trying to play, since the title has been struggling since launch.