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What is Genshin Impact emergency food?

What is Genshin Impact emergency food? New players may encounter a piece of dialogue involving Paimon when they first meet Amber and they may not be familiar with this phrase or how it relates to the floating mascot that follows the player throughout the game.

Genshin Impact emergency food | What does it mean?

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The single-player campaign must be completed before a player can enjoy Genshin Impact multiplayer with their friends. The phrase “emergency food” comes up in an early conversation when the player character first meets Amber, the first character players unlock as they work on progressing towards the endgame. This conversation happens in the first hour of gameplay and is one of the first notable moments in the game that players will experience. One portion of the dialogue presents the following two options:

Amber: And this… mascot, what’s the deal with it?

• We’re friends.

• Emergency food.

The first option will continue the dialogue as normal. The second option, however, will result in Paimon giving Amber and the player character an amusing response.

“No! For the last time, Paimon is NOT EMERGENCY FOOD!” she exclaims in response to the second dialogue option.

What does this mean? A long-running (albeit infrequent) joke in media is the idea of small, cute things being used as an “emergency food supply.” It is sometimes used to tease particularly annoying characters (which certainly would be a fitting choice for Paimon). This one early game joke has quickly become beloved by players, so much so that many have taken to referring to Paimon by the nickname “Emergency Food.” Countless memes have been generated in the days since the game has officially launched in the West. Adding to the phrase’s popularity is a report that Mihoyo used this dialogue for one of its Facebook ads.

Food is one of the many ways to heal in the game, so it’s natural that players would be curious about Genshin Impact emergency food. It is not an actual item, however, as it is simply a joke referring to Paimon’s small size. And no, players can not eat Paimon in Genshin Impact!