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Is Genshin Impact free on PS4 and Xbox One?

Is Genshin Impact free on PS4? Is it free on Xbox One? With the JRPG growing more popular, many people want to get in on the action and are wondering about the Genshin Impact price on PS4 and Xbox One. All of the console pricing info is right here.

Is Genshin Impact free to play on PS4?

Is Genshin Impact free on PS4

Genshin Impact has been available at no cost on PC, iOS, and Android for a while now. It took the developers at miHoYo a while to release the PlayStation 4 version, but does that extra time in the oven mean that gamers foot the bill? It might not seem fair, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a free mobile game had a price tag on PS4.

Genshin Impact is free on PS4. The game can be downloaded now at no cost from the PlayStation Store, though it does feature in-app purchases.

The Zelda-like JRPG has received high praise when it comes to the Genshin Impact pricing model. Many believe that the game is more generous than most comparable titles; Genshin Impact can be completed without spending any money on microtransactions, for example.

Anybody looking to earn specific weapons or characters (like Razor), however, will likely need to engage with the Genshin Impact gacha system. This is the paid element, though it is also possible to get free gacha pulls in Genshin Impact.

Is Genshin Impact free to play on Xbox One?

Is Genshin Impact free on Xbox One

Genshin Impact is not available on Xbox One. That isn’t likely to change anytime soon, as there are currently no plans to release an Xbox version.

It’s unfortunate, though if Genshin Impact ever were to come to Xbox, it would most likely be free. All versions, including the upcoming Nintendo Switch version, are available at no cost so Xbox would probably be no different.