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FIFA 21 Hwang Hee-Chan SBC OTW Player Rating | Stats and Requirements

The FIFA 21 Hwang Hee Chan rating has been one to keep in mind when building an Ultimate Team squad thanks to his SBC OTW card following the South Korean forward’s move to RB Leipzig in the summer transfer window. The Hwang Hee-Chan FUT One to Watch card can be earned by completing a Squad Building Challenge. If a player is crafting a Bundesliga squad, the pacey Korean forward looks to be a solid acquisition, especially his dynamic OTW card.

What is the FIFA 21 Hwang Hee Chan rating?

FIFA 21 Hwang Hee Chan rating

The Hwang Hee Chan base player rating in FIFA 21 is the same as his OTW card, with the RB Leipzig forward looking to make an impact in the Bundesliga following his summer transfer from RB Salzburg. Players will be hoping that Hwang Hee-Chan can prove a success in Germany with his OTW set to increase in stats as he performs well each week.

Hwang-Hee Chan Player Rating

The FIFA 21 Hwang Hee Chan rating is as follows:

  • 77 Overall
  • 93 Pace
  • 75 Shooting
  • 71 Passing
  • 79 Dribbling
  • 28 Defending
  • 69 Physical

Hwang Hee-Chan SBC OTW stats

The base Hwang Hee Chan OTW player rating is the same as his base stats (see above). The OTW card will dynamically improve if the player performs well in the Bundesliga and in European competition.

How to complete the Hwang Hee Chan OTW SBC

FIFA 21 Hwang Hee Chan rating

To unlock the Hwang Hee Chan Ones To Watch FUT card, players must complete the Squad Building Challenge. Thankfully, completing the SBC to unlock the Hwang Hee Chan OTW FUT card shouldn’t be too difficult.

The Hwang Hee Chan OTW SBC requirements are as follows:

  • One Bundesliga player minimum
  • Squad Rating of at least 82
  • Team Chemistry rating of at least 65
  • 11 players

To complete the Hwang Hee Chan Squad Building Challenge, players will need to spend up to 20,000 Coins on Bundesliga players. Look for cheap 82-rated or over players in the FUT player transfer market. Remember that at least one of the players will need to play for a Bundesliga club and keep that 65 minimum Team Chemistry rating in mind (buy a few cheap 82 rated Bundesliga players and the Chemistry rating should not prove an issue). It could be time to buy some FIFA Points on the web app if money isn’t a problem.

Adding the base-rated 77 Hwang Hee Chan OTW card will help any squad with its rapid pace and good finishing stats. Hopefully, the player can perform well in real life to gain some dynamic stats increases, too. Calvert-Lewin and Edinson Cavani FUT cards paired with Hwang Hee Chan could make for a dynamic front-line.