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Apex Legends 30-30 Weapon | What is the new lever-action rifle?

The Apex Legends 30-30 weapon has been spotted in developer streams and, more recently, information about the new lever-action rifle has been found in datamined files. Adding a heavy ammo rifle is sure to shake up the meta. Here’s the latest on the 30-30 and when it could come to the game.

What is the new Apex Legends 30-30 weapon?

Apex Legends 30-30 Weapon

Spotted in developer livestreams and recent datamined efforts by Shrugtal, the mysterious lever-action rifle hasn’t yet been added to Apex Legends. The Volt was the latest weapon to be added to the game for Season 6, which proved meta-shifting with its SMG qualities and Energy damage output.

The Apex Legends 30-30 weapon is a lever-action rifle that uses heavy ammo. Spotted during dev streams, the weapon has the appearance of a .30-30 Winchester rifle, which is likely the inspiration.

Though there isn’t yet any official confirmation about the 30-30 being added to the game, the developers clearly want players to know that it exists. Hype surrounding upcoming features helps fuel excitement for upcoming seasons, which is when new weapons are generally introduced.

When is the 30-30 weapon coming to Apex Legends?

Apex Legends 30-30 Weapon

With the 30-30 currently being in the developer build of Apex Legends, it fair to assume that Respawn Entertainment are currently working on balancing the weapon for public play.

If the 30-30 is in a polished state by the end of Season 6, it’s possible that players will see it added in Season 7.

With that said, game features can be pushed back by months, or even shelved entirely, if the developer isn’t happy. With no official confirmation, it’s hard to say for certain if and when the 30-30 will be available in Apex Legends. For now, we can only estimate Season 7.

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