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Genshin Impact | How to destroy all dummies in 2 seconds

How do you destroy dummies in 2 seconds in Genshin Impact? The “Ellin, the Wannabe Knight” Daily Quest is a tricky one to complete, but there are some good rewards for those that destroy all the training dummies in two seconds. Thankfully, this Genshin Impact daily mission should be simple enough to complete multiple times once its tricks are revealed. Here’s how to destroy all dummies and complete the Ellin daily quest.

How to destroy all training dummies in 2 seconds in “Ellin, the Wannabe Knight” Daily Quest

destroy dummies in 2 seconds

Players can find Ellin in Mondstadt, she is training to become a knight, but can’t complete her training before destroying the dummies in under two seconds. That’s where the player steps in. The “Ellin, the Wannabe Knight” daily quest asks players to destroy all dummies in two seconds. It’s a tricky one, but its rewards are worth it in Commission Quest. Knowing how to complete the Lingering Malady quest will help towards finishing the game, too.

Here’s how to destroy dummies in 2 seconds in Genshin Impact:

  • Weaken each training dummy down to one health point.
    • Players can take as long as they like reducing each dummy to low health.
  • Destroy every dummy within two seconds of destroying the first one.
  • Use big attacks such as a bomb, Sweeping Time, Explosive Puppet, or Elemental Burst to damage multiple or all dummies at a similar time.
  • Speak to Ellin to complete the Commission Quest.

On different days, the training dummies will appear in different formations. Placing down an Explosive Puppet at one group and blowing it up, then quickly destroying the other three will complete the quest. It’s all about timing attacks.

Completing the Genshin Impact destroy all dummies in two seconds quest will award players with Fine Enhancement Ores and Mystic Enhancement Ores. Look here to complete the incomplete writing puzzle quest. Discover how to complete the “A Little Game” Quest right here.