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Genshin Impact Mora Farming | How to make money quickly

Genshin Impact Mora farming will let players earn some quick cash. Getting Mora quickly is useful when there are items that need to be bought such as Almond Tofu. There are a few different ways in which players can farm Mora in Genshin Impact. This includes selling Sigils. Each technique can bag players some serious cash. Here’s how to get more Mora.

How to farm Mora in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Mora farming

Mora is incredibly useful in Genshin Impact. Players can use it to buy all sorts of things in the game, including items, ingredients, and weapon leveling. Knowing how to farm Mora is key to getting money quickly. Farm enough and it’s possible to get unlimited Mora to buy anything and everything!

How to farm Mora in Genshin Impact

  1. Trade Sigils for Mora (H/T: Reddit)
    • Trading in two Sigils will supply 1,600 Mora each time, can be done infinitely
    • Trade Sigils in at Jewelry shops in the main cities
    • Earn Sigils for Geoculus and Anemoculus at the Statues of the Seven
    • Find Sigils in Chests
      • Head onto the Daily Common Chest Route (H/T: Reddit)
    • Crates floating in water and rocks on cliffs and mountains contain Sigils, too
  2. Complete Ley Line Blossoms
    • The Ley Lines use up Resin, which is a valuable resource as well
  3. Complete Quests
    • Some Quests reward more Mora than others
  4. Defeat Monsters
  5. Earn Mora in the Battle Pass
  6. Exchange Stardust from Wishes
  7. Open Chests (see above for more)
  8. The Abyss
    • The Abyss Level 9 and up should respawn every week
  9. Use Promo Codes

There are many different ways of earning Mora in Genshin Impact. The best way should be trading in Sigils, however. Farming Sigils is the best way to farm Mora. Players can find Sigils just about everywhere, so be on the lookout.