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Genshin Impact ‘Elemental Energy Overflowing’ Challenge in under 3 minutes

When time limits are introduced, Genshin Impact‘s missions can become very hard to beat. The game’s Battle Pass has some of the tougher challenges, one of which is particularly difficult for players who don’t have a working strategy. For those struggling with completing the Genshin Impact ‘Elemental Energy Overflowing’ challenge within three minutes, here is how to beat it.

How to complete the “Elemental Energy Overflowing” challenge in under 3 minutes

Genshin Impact 'Elemental Energy Overflowing' Challenge in 3 Minutes

It’s the 3-minute time limit that is the true test in Genshin Impact‘s “Elemental Energy Overflowing” challenge. Players can’t waste time and must move as quickly as possible to finish in under three minutes.

Follow these steps to complete the Genshin Impact “Elemental Energy Overflowing” challenge within three minutes:

  1. Before the battle, eat food that increases stamina. It will be enormously helpful!
  2. At the start of the challenge, kill all enemies that initially spawn.
  3. Grab Elemental Clots that spawn and deposit them in the glowing crucible.
  4. Many more Elemental Clots will spawn. You want to ignore enemies and deposit these in the crucible as soon as possible.
  5. When Elites spawn, focus your attacks to take them down as quickly as possible.
  6. When Elites are defeated, ignore other enemies and collect the Large Elemental Clots.
  7. Elites will spawn for a final time. Focus your efforts on taking them down.
  8. When the final Elites are defeated, collect Large Elemental Fragments to completely fill the crucible.

While ignoring enemies is part of the “Under 3 Minutes” strategy, it’s important to note that getting hit will cause Clots to be dropped.

Players will want to find like-minded players in order to complete this mission in under three minutes. Enthusiastic players can be found on the Genshin Impact subreddit and Discord.

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In other time-limited challenges, players will be required to “Destroy all dummies in two seconds.” Helpfully, there’s a Game Revolution guide to help beat it.

Those that have mastered the “Elemental Energy Overflowing” challenge, and the rest of the Battle Pass, will be eager to learn what’s next for Genshin Impact. Here’s the roadmap which details new areas, events, and updates.