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The Survivalists | How to get Metal Ingots

It doesn’t take much progression into the tech tree in The Survivalists before players run into the need for Metal Ingots. However, early on, this essential crafting item is nowhere to be found. While most other resources can be obtained from chopping down trees or mining, players will search high and low without finding a single Metal Ingot.

Fortunately, finding Metal Ingots in The Survivalists isn’t that tough at all. There are a few ways to obtain them, but there are some caveats to the process.

Where to find Metal Ingots in The Survivalists

The Survivalists Metal Ingot Dungeon

Many of the more advanced crafting recipes in The Survivalists require players to obtain Metal Ingots. This material will likely be the first roadblock one faces on the tech tree, which can be frustrating as it’ll probably come up when the player is just starting to get the hang of the game.

There are two ways we’ve found to obtain Metal Ingots, and only one of these is available on the starting island.

Find Metal Ingots in Dungeons

Even on the starting island, players may find Metal Ingots as loot in a dungeon. In the last chamber, bashing the chests open often reveals this material alongside tools and weapons made of metal. These areas can be tough to get through, especially for someone just beginning the game, but the risk is worth it.

Players can build a bed near the dungeon entrance and sleep in it to set their spawn point. That way, if they die, they’ll respawn by the dungeon and have the chance to pick up their dropped items and try to defeat the enemies within again.

Mine Metal Ingots from Metal Veins

Once players have left the starting island, they’ll start to see Metal Veins appear on subsequent lands they visit. These veins can be mined to obtain Metal Ingots. After this point, getting Metal Ingots is easy as the veins containing them are relatively common.