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Genshin Impact PvP | Is there competitive multiplayer?

Is there Genshin Impact PvP? The free-to-play JRPG allows users on PC, PS4, iOS, and Android to build up powerful characters. Of course, there’s no better way to show off an excellent build than by competing online; is there a Genshin Impact competitive multiplayer mode, though? Here are the details on PvP in Genshin Impact.

Is there a Genshin Impact PvP mode?

Genshin Impact PvP

miHoYo’s Gensin Impact has been praised for its generosity as a free game, so it’s easy to assume that a PvP multiplayer mode would be included. While there are microtransactions courtesy of the gacha system, things like the pity mechanic and distribution of free wishes help to make its in-app purchases more reasonable than most competitors’. Since Genshin Impact features co-op as standard, is there also an arena mode where players can fight against each other?

There is no Genshin Impact PvP multiplayer mode. Users can not compete against one another, but they can play cooperatively. The current Genshin Impact content roadmap doesn’t outline any plans to add a competitive multiplayer mode, though miHoYo could choose to implement PvP support in a future update.

Adding PvP to Genshin Impact would make a lot of sense. Competitive modes are always more challenging than cooperative PvE equivalents, which could contribute a new tactical layer to the Zelda-like JRPG, encouraging both added longevity and further in-app purchases. To be competitive and boast the best weapons and characters, players will need to keep playing and perhaps even spending.

Admittedly, that might be a cynical take on the possible implementation of a Genshin Impact PvP mode. With many members of the community asking for it, it’s possible that miHoYo will implement some sort of balanced competitive multiplayer where user stats won’t affect the gameplay.

Either way, both scenarios are speculative for now. Check back for updates regarding a possible Genshin Impact PvP multiplayer patch in the future.