1v1 lol | What does ‘Pageview limit exceeded’ mean?

What does “Pageview limit exceeded” mean on 1v1 lol? Depending on when and where players try to play the battle royale, they might be slapped with a “pageview limit exceeded” message instead of the game. Is there a 1v1 lol pageview limit exceeded fix, or does it mean the game is gone for good? Here’s the need-to-know about the pageview limit exceeded error message and whether it can be fixed or not.

Is there a 1v1 lol pageview limit exceeded fix?

1v1 lol pageview limit exceeded

Depending on when and where players are trying to get onto 1v1 lol (schools may block the official site), the “pageview limit exceeded” error message may appear instead of the game. When this error message appears, 1v1 lol cannot be played through that website. Unfortunately, there is only a couple of fixes, but given the limited time available to play, these might not be fixes that work at school. Although, school work is more important, for sure.

There are just two 1v1 lol pageview limit exceeded fixes that will work:

  1. Try again later.
  2. Try a different site.

The “Pageview limit exceeded” error message will appear when there are too many people trying to play 1v1 lol on that unblocked Google Site. All a player can do when this message strikes is to try again later if no other sites are available. Hopefully, the player count is low enough to get some games in later on.

1v1 lol appears to be available to play on various different sites, however. If one website is full (pageview limit exceeded), try another. If that site is blocked, try another. It could be a never-ending cycle of trying again and again. Google will be a friend in this situation. Again, though, don’t let 1v1 lol get in the way of school work. Not too often, anyway. In other online game news, there are only four new levels in Fall Guys Season 2. Wolverine is ruining Battle Royale games in Fortnite and BTS x Fortnite emotes appear to be on the way.