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Is Star Wars: Squadrons down? | Server maintenance

Is Star Wars: Squadrons down? Server maintenance has stricken again, with online dogfights unavailable in the game as of writing. The game’s online modes are currently down for as long as EA and the development team need to implement fixes and gameplay changes (the woes of online gaming). There are other reasons for potential Star Wars: Squadrons server maintenance, too, with downtime taking place at different times.

Is there Star Wars: Squadrons downtime?

Star Wars: Squadrons down

Star Wars: Squadrons downtime takes place every now and then when new updates are being installed on the servers, leading to server maintenance. While the server maintenance is ongoing, no one can play the game online. Fortunately, the single-player modes of the game should not be affected by server downtime. When the game is back online, players should know what the best Bomber loadouts are. The best Interceptor loadouts might be of use, too.

Yes, Star Wars: Squadrons is currently down for server maintenance. Unfortunately, all players can do is wait for the server maintenance to be completed and for the downtime to end. As stated above, the single-player modes should be available to play during online downtime. There are a few reasons for a game such as Star Wars: Squadrons to be down. Thankfully, there are ways of telling when server maintenance is taking place or if the servers are down.

  • Check out the official EA Star Wars Twitter account
    • This account should tweet out downtime information and say when the servers are back up and running
  • DownDetector should let players know if the EA servers are currently down
  • Make sure the internet at home isn’t the problem
  • PlayStation or Xbox servers could be suffering from issues

Server maintenance downtime can last for a few hours at times, so do keep checking in on the official Twitter account for new information. Hopefully, the Star Wars: Squadrons downtime doesn’t last too long, however.