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FIFA 21 ‘Game Session No Longer Available’ Fix

The FIFA 21 ‘Game session no longer available’ error message is an annoying one, for sure, with players unable to play online multiplayer of any kind with their friends. The problem appears to be affecting players on PC, at least. Thankfully, there are a couple of FIFA 21 game session no longer available fixes that might work for different players. Here’s what players need to do if they have encountered the ‘Failed to join game session’ error on PC.

Is There a FIFA 21 Game Session no Longer Available Fix?

FIFA 21 Game session no longer available

The FIFA 21 ‘Game session no longer available’/’Failed to join game session’ stops friends from joining each other’s matches. Be it friendly matches or a session of co-op, the error message is stopping PC players (at least) playing with their friends online. It seems as though the error appears when friends are playing FIFA 21 on different versions of the game, such as one player on the Standard Edition and one player on the Champion Edition. Once players can get into games with friends, Hwang Hee-Chan might be worth a look.

A couple of quick fixes do exist, meanwhile. They are both somewhat dubious, however. They will trick the game into thinking the player owns a different version. The FIFA 21 Game session no longer available fixes are as follows (both should change the version of the game you own):

  • Try to log into FIFA 21 with a friends’ account
    • This should make the game force a verification process (wait for it to finish loading)
    • Log back into your account
    • Worked for a couple of people, at least, on the official help forums
  • Get a Steam player to send a copy of their FIFA21.exe to you (H/T: Reddit)
    • Copy and paste the Steam .exe into your Origin or EA Play Pro folders of FIFA 21 (replace the original application file in your folders)
    • Open the game directly through the game folder (not via Origin)
      • Double click FIFA21.exe

To fix the ‘Game session no longer available’ error in FIFA 21, players will need to cheat the system using the above methods or wait for EA to fix it. As of writing, the official FIFA 21 Trello does not mention that the problem is even being investigated. The closest, instead, is “Unexpected error occurs when trying to start a FUT Co-Op Squad Battle Match.” Hopefully, EA fixes the ‘Failed to join game session’/’Game session no longer available’ error on PC sooner rather than later. It wasn’t fixed with the 1.04 update, anyway.

Hopefully, one of these fixes work, but they are not entirely recommended. Trying to trick the game into thinking a different version is being played could lose progress. The fixes above are available for players willing to try anything to play online FIFA 21 with friends on PC. Hopefully, though, EA fixes the problem itself via an update. Make some noise and make EA aware of the issue. For now, though, players can at least unlock some Goal Songs for FUT squads.