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Is Destruction AllStars coming to PS4?

Is Destruction AllStars coming to PS4? The vehicular combat game is bringing some carnage to the PS5 launch line-up, but will it also be playable on current-gen? Here’s the latest on a possible Destruction AllStars PlayStation 4 version.

Destruction AllStars PS4 | Is it coming out on PlayStation 4?

Is Destruction AllStars coming to PS4?

Destruction AllStars looks to be a lot of fun based on the PS5 announcement trailer, but will it also be playable on PS4? For anybody not picking up a PlayStation 5 at launch — be that thanks to scalpers or for any other reason — this question is paramount. So, here are Sony’s plans regarding a Destruction AllStars PS4 release.

Destruction AllStars is not coming to PS4. The game is a PS5 exclusive, and there are no known plans for a Destruction AllStars PS4 port in the future.

Although it’s unfortunate news that there’s no Destruction AllStars PS4 release date for fans to mark on their calendars, this could potentially result in a more technically impressive game. Since the dev team at Lucid Games has been able to focus entirely on optimizing for PS5, it’s possible that the project has benefitted in the long run.

On the other hand, with Destruction AllStars being a multiplayer-focused game, the smaller userbase on PS5 compared to PS4 could be damaging. Ideally, at least in terms of matchmaking, the game would be available on both consoles; cross-gen multiplayer could then provide the largest pool of users.

While it’s common to see next-gen upgrades, downgrading games is almost unheard of. As a result, it doesn’t seem likely that a PS4 port of Destruction AllStars will happen in the future.

Picking up a PS5 is likely the only way to experience Destruction AllStars. Thankfully, a recent PlayStation 5 UI demo helped to indicate what early adopters can expect. It’s also worth remembering that all PS5 consoles include a free game, which is a brilliant move from Sony.