PS5 pre-orders already being sold for $2,000 by scalpers

PS5 pre-orders are already being sold for up to $2,000 by online scalpers, after limited stock from Sony ensured that plenty of prospective buyers were left empty-handed. The PS5 is now being sold on sites such as eBay for over double its retail price as a result.

PS5 pre-orders are currently littering eBay, with the disc-based version of the console retailing from $750 upwards. Multiple listings are well above $1,000, with some even hitting the $2,000 mark. These listings will grant buyers access to pre-orders placed by scalpers looking to profit from the console’s stock scarcity.

eBay scalpers profit from PS5 pre-orders selling out fast

ps5 ebay scalpers pre-order price

Sony surprisingly pushed PS5 pre-orders live following this week’s PlayStation 5 Showcase event, despite previously informing customers that they would be given plenty of advance notice before they were able to reserve the console. Retailers such as Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, and more promptly sold out of their stock as a result.

As is always the case when game hardware faces stock shortages, some of those who have managed to secure pre-orders have started selling the console on eBay. With it being unclear when new PS5 stock will make its way to retailers, those who don’t want to be left out are paying over the odds in order to ensure they’ll receive the console close to its launch.

Sony revealed the final PS5 details during this week’s PlayStation 5 Showcase event, including the upcoming console’s $499.99 and $399.99 price points for its disc-based and digital versions. Within 24 hours of the event, Sony allowed pre-orders to go live across various retailers, with prospective buyers annoyed that these retailers each opted to sell the console at unannounced times.

Sony also allowed US buyers to express their interest in pre-ordering the PS5 on its official site. However, these pre-orders could only be made at Sony’s discretion, with the company basing them on each users’ activity with PlayStation consoles. As such, only a select number of those who had registered were able to place their pre-orders.