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Does Mario Kart Live work on carpet?

Does Mario Kart Live work on carpet? The augmented reality Mario Kart game is certainly cool, but is it worth investing in for players with carpeted floors? Find out if Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit works on carpets in this guide.

Does Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit work on carpets?

Does Mario Kart Live work on carpet

Remote controlled cars, like those found in Mario Kart Live, generally work better on hard flooring than on carpets or rugs. It’s harder for the small rubber tires to gain traction on a carpet, but does that make Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit unusable for players with carpet flooring?

Mario Kart Live does work on carpet. Regardless of the carpet pile, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit RC cars work well; they’re even capable of transitioning from hard flooring to a rug and back again.

One potential issue to watch out for, especially for users with pets, is that the Mario Kart Live RC karts can easily pick up hair. Pet and stray human hairs get stuck in the wheels, which is very likely to happen on a carpet that hasn’t been vacuumed recently. On thicker carpets, it’s also possible that carpet fibers could become stuck in the wheels. This is easily solved by keeping floors clean and frequently removing debris from the Mario Kart RC car wheels.

While Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit works well on carpets (with a little upkeep), the game should not be played outdoors. This will present a bigger issue than the type of flooring for many, as making the most entertaining tracks requires plenty of free space.

PSA for anybody that decides to purchase Mario Kart Live, safe in the knowledge that it works carpets: Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit doesn’t feature a physical game cartridge. Additionally, here’s a solution to the “poor connection detected” error message in Mario Kart Live for Nintendo Switch.